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Natal Reading

The birthchart is a map of the stars at the time of our birth.  Symbolically it maps the soul.  Within it we can see the orientation of our personal, evolutionary agenda.  What have we come here to learn, and what is our most direct path towards soul growth and purpose? 

Please reserve two hours.

Available on Zoom.  

Complementary audio recording of session available upon request.

Current Planetary Transits

Transits readings show us how the planets are currently aligning with the birthchart. We’ll look at transits and progressions in aspect to the natal chart to understand emerging themes, and their implications within the context of the individual soul's journey. 

Please reserve up to two hours.  A prior natal reading is necessary, or schedule a natal, and transits reading as a combination. Additional time may be needed.

Available on Zoom. 

Complementary audio recording of session available upon request.

Moonlit Night


The art of relational astrology allows us to synthesize two charts to understand how individuals interact with one another. The intricate nature of this practice sheds light on relationship dynamics; highlighting strengths, and suggesting avenues towards mutual understanding when challenges arise. 

Please reserve up to two hours.

Available after each person has had a natal reading

Complementary audio recording of session available upon request.

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