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Massage: Services

60 Minute Session

Relax, Reset

Unwind, restore, breathe.   Returning to the wisdom of our bodies resources us for the fullness of Life.

90 Minute Session

Deep Relaxation, Advanced Therapeutic

*Recommended*. With ample time we'll tend to the the structural alignment of the body in a therapeutic setting.  Together we'll map your goals for feeling well, and celebrate progress!

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Because body, mind, soul, and spirit are all connected, receiving massage therapy nourishes us deeply, and on every level.  In fact, the intention of Lomi Lomi is to nourish our bones.  Receiving is an act of self-love. Come renew.

Massage: Quote
Massage: Testimonials

"Elizabeth's bodywork is physically healing and spiritually supportive--a massage from Elizabeth is both a therapeutic gift to the body and a relaxing spa retreat for the mind."

Sarala Dandekar

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