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Happy Solstice! And Musings On the New Moon in Capricorn

December 23, 2022. 12:17 AM HI Time


Happy Winter Solstice! Here, in this moment, we find ourselves in the darkest time of the year. Yes, let’s celebrate the return of the light coming from here forward. But let’s also not forget to celebrate this moment of darkness.

In the stillness, in the womb of nature’s seasons, we have a moment to pause and reflect. What, from this past year, is ready to be released? What will we consciously choose not to carry forward with us any longer? Respectively, in this fertile soil, what seeds are we planting, that we may tenderly nurture new growth in the year to come?

Capricorn’s New Moon brings opportunity for new beginnings starting deep in our bones. Capricorn rules the bones. It represents the scaffolding that holds a structure upright. Pluto, finishing its time in Capricorn this year, has been asking us to transform the structures that no longer serve our growth. This New Moon is a moment to begin building anew.

Jupiter has just moved into the Sign of Aries, where it will be until May of 2023. It squares the New Moon. There is excitement in the air! A burst of inspiration and energy that can make projects feel urgent and supercharged. But remember Capricorn is about the long haul…. It asks us to choose a mountain to climb, and to do it one step at a time. We can direct Jupiter’s newfound energy into courage to take on new challenges, let’s just remember it's a climb, not a sprint! Patience is called for.

Saturn, ruler of this lunation, moving through Aquarius asks us to captain our own ship. Who are we when the structures we’ve relied upon are stripped away? Who are we when we are standing in our most authentic truth? Who are we when we embody our highest self?

If we can feel that, envision that, lean into that… we are on our way to building a solid framework that can support our becoming.

Although the square is waning, Uranus, still near the North Node in Taurus, reminds us that when we malama (care for) the Earth, and our physical bodies, we’re on the right track. Trine Venus in Capricorn, we’re given an opportunity to recreate our relationship to security, both inner, and material, and to the work that we do in the world. Do we harvest our security from sustainable sources?

Mars, still retrograde in Gemini, has been reviewing our habitual mental processes, our decision making, the fears that would sink our ships, and the ideas that need to be sifted through for truth. This is all part of the process of reframing our individual nature. Each day is an opportunity to co-create our lives with the Divine, and with the Cosmos.

Mercury, cruising through Capricorn, will come within a few degrees of Pluto before stationing retrograde on Dec. 28. The Cosmos likes to present us with a new beginning, and then dive into a review of the past in order to help us move forward.

We’ll spend three weeks contemplating these Capricornian themes. Let’s use this time wisely to prepare for the year to come.

Sending Solstice Blessings, Happy New Moon, and so much Love!

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