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Musings for the Full Moon in Cancer

Tuesday, December 26, 2023. 2:33 pm HI Time

Woooow.  How about that Solstice? Deep into the darkness we’ve plunged.  Now emerging in the light of the Full Moon in Cancer, we’re asked to feel into our hearts with that same depth.  Cancer, the Crab, represents home, family, roots, and  belonging; to a clan, to a place, and to ourselves.  Fitting for the Holidays.

  Because the tender crab carries its home on its back,  home is always available for retreat, safety, solace, and protection. That is absolutely necessary, both for tender crabs, and for tender people!  True home is the place we heal, where we can open enough to feel.   Cancer also represents our heart, and our emotional needs. Whoever said “home is where the heart is” was a Cancer! (And they were right.)   One thing is guaranteed, a Cancer Full Moon wants us to be in touch with our emotions.  

Our hearts open wide to hold Love. Sometimes that feels good and sometimes it's painful. Sensitive folks have the capacity to feel, not only inwardly, but outwardly too.  Nurturing is second nature to this sign.  In fact, it can be so good at caring for others, that the self gets put on the back burner all too often.  So at this time we’re being beckoned to the path that leads us on the inward journey. In this way, as we emerge from our Solstice hibernation, we move from our hearts.

Toko-pa Turner described the Winter Solstice as being traditionally a time of homecoming. A time of going to where we “should be”, both physically and spiritually.  This is a soulful journey… one that replenishes. It may not make sense to anyone else but us. 

At the New Moon in Sagittarius we talked about the seed of New Horizons being planted. This Full Moon draws us inward to the place where the whispers of our hearts, and the longings of our souls guide us home within.  Here, we can be fully nurtured and healed.  It is here, in this sacred space of inner dwelling, that we are able to commune with our wild knowing.  May this knowing guide us towards the New Horizons that we’re meant to encounter… because as we are calling to that destiny, it too is calling to us. 

As Mercury retrogrades into Mars in Sagittarius, opposite the Moon, let us reclaim bold perspectives for our lives that echo the calling of our souls.

Sending so Much Love 

Cheers to the return of the Light!

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