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Musings On... The Fall Equinox, and New Moon in Libra 2022

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Equinox: September 22, 2022 3:04pm. Hawaii Time

New Moon: September 25, 2022 11:54 am HT

Happy Fall Equinox! Happy New Moon in Libra! Happy Mercury Cazimi! (what?)

This is a long-ish video, because I'm covering several events. If you don't wish to spend 15 minutes watching, here are some event highlights:

*Equinox: a seasonal holiday of Earth in which the time of light and darkness are equal.

*Themes: balance, harmony, relationship, beauty, justice

*Libra is represented by the scales that weigh matter and guide us towards balance

*Mercury retrograde: through Libra, now entering Virgo. Focus on who/what we're in relationship (Libra) with, and what needs to be addressed, corrected, adjusted to aim us towards growth and right alignment (Virgo)

*Mercury Cazimi: Mercury enters the heart of the Sun. Climax of Mercury's retrograde. Messages are illuminated for us now. Answers are found . A moment to listen deeply to the Spirit world/Divine/our high-self. (see opposition to Neptune rx) answers center around how to be Pono

*Pono - Hawaiian concept: to be in right alignment with ourselves, others, the Earth, the Divine. (see web link for more reading. disclaimer: I googled "Pono" and found the website. I am not familiar with this website otherwise, so I am not advocating it in any way other than this particular article as a lovely explanation for the word Pono)

*Venus: rules both charts: represents values and relationships - both what we need from them, and how we show up to them. Note: our primary relationship is the one we have with ourselves. "Relationship" is a broad term. We are in relationship with water, our breath, plants... It's bigger than simply our human friendships.

*Venus by aspect is drawing focus to:

- Listening deeply

- gleaning new information that guides us towards foundational, transformational change

- acting independently on our own behalves

- Earth stewardship

- increasing our faith by courageously implementing new practices aimed at our growth

- earning/growing through relationship

*Grand Earth Trine: Venus conjunct Mercury rx, - Pluto rx - Uranus rx conjunct NN

manifesting changes needed to restore balance to all our relations

Happy Equinox! Happy Mercury Cazimi! Happy New Moon in Libra! Being with, and creating beauty bring balance and harmony. Sending out a wish for the restoration of balance for each of us, for all our relations, and for our precious Mother Earth.

Please scroll down for the Equinox chart, the New Moon chart, and a link to read more on the word Pono. Please reach out with any questions, or comments to: or


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