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Musings On... the Full Moon in Aquarius 2022

August 11, 2022 3:36pm Hawaii Time

Leo, self-actualized, matures into Aquarian ideals. A Leonine seed was planted in all of our hearts during the recent New Moon. Leo wants to grow into the sunshine, spread its roots and branches far and wide, and BECOME. It’s about the formation of identity. Leo roars, “this is ME!”. Isn’t it beautiful to shine? Isn’t it beautiful to fully be oneself, and to be full of oneself? This is the crowning glory of Leo: authentic, creative, unabashed, joyful self-expression.

When the Moon is full, we see the ripened fruit of the seedling that was planted in the fertile darkness. Aquarius seeks true freedom. No longer reliant on the cycle of reciprocity so fundamental to the Leo function, Aquarius settles for no less than complete autonomy. How do we get there?

Conjunct Saturn rx, this Full Moon requires us to take full responsibility for ourselves: our have been, our being, and our becoming. Saturn shows us limits, and challenging us to evolve towards freedom from them. The child-like nature of Leo struggles to understand Saturn’s maturity, and the process of that struggle is growth.

This Full Moon may feel frustrating at times. There’s a lot of tension, and there’s no avoiding it. It’s accountability time. The guidance of the stars suggests that we look closely at matters. Setting aside urges to rush into change, (which may be strongly felt now), instead we see the long view. Square this lunition, Uranus, Mars, and the North Node in Taurus show us the path to revolution.

Resource independence. From finances to food, from our physical bodies to the Earth that sustains us, the planets are inciting change, perhaps upheaval, in order to focus our attention on our responsibilities to ourselves, and our Great Mother. Revolution looks like shopping at a farmer’s market, planting seeds, budgeting finances, and nourishing our bodies. Attuning our senses to nature with barefoot walks, fresh air, time in the forest, or by the water, helps us realize our part in protecting these precious resources so generously gifted by Earth.

On a personal note, where in your life is greater independence called for? What house does the sign Taurus occupy in your birthchart? Are there other planets there, or in any of the fixed signs? (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) If so, you may be experiencing, or initiating changes, aimed ultimately at supporting your individuated, self-sustaining nature. Ask yourself what you need to be resourced. There’s deep learning here that can undo wounds of the past. It requires us to be fully accountable for ourselves, and to have a vision for long term thriving.

For an analogy, think of making a sidewalk. Before mixing water and cement to pour, there are preparations to be made. The ground needs to be level, gravel needs to be spread and tamped down, rebar is laid in place… These details ensure that the pathway will come together and last, so that we can walk where we need to. Friction creates heat, and heat is energy. Take all the creative energy produced during this time, and joyfully set to work on the foundations that will bring about lasting, revolutionary change.

One more piece; with a grand trine in Earth signs, there is a focus on the material world, and our manifestation in it. Uranus represents awakening, and Taurus says, "be here now, in this physical body, in this three dimensional world." We can meditate until we're as blissed out as a robin whistling to a rainbow, but if we lose ourselves to road rage in a traffic jam a hour later, what have we accomplished? It is in the day to day, flesh and blood world that spiritual awakening is longing for us. Let's meet it here, in the present moment.

Happy Full Moon in Aquarius! You can view the chart below.

***by the way, I misspoke during the video. At the 6 minute mark I meant to say, "Saturn conjunct the Moon".

And in the spirit of Leo season... here's one of my favorite feline friends that kept making herself visible during the video. She settled in my lap to help me edit. World, meet Pearl-cat ; )

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