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Musings On... the Full Moon in Aquarius 2023

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Tuesday, August 1, 8:32 AM Hawaii Time

Lately my soul is fed through visual contact with the night sky. Darkness. Sparkling stars. And mostly, observing the progressions of Luna as she shape shifts and cycles through her monthly orbit.

A few nights ago she was high in the sky as Mōhalu (flowering Moon) as the Sun set behind the West Maui Mountains. I was Ocean bathing on the South Shore, where the only thing between me and ka Lā’s Ocean Dip were the majestic peaks and valleys of West Maui.

It was quite something… to look West and see the setting Sun, and to look East and see Mahina rising… and be right there in the middle. 180 degrees apart. (exact August 1, at 8:32 am Hawaii time)

Oppositions of Luminaries, such as this, usually imply tension… like a tug of war on the rope… but in that moment.. Hugged by the light of the two most brilliant luminaries Earth can see, I felt deep peace. Love.

Opposites attract. Leo, current home of the Sun, and Aquarius, holding the Moon, share authenticity as a common goal.

Aquarius seeks Freedom. True freedom. The kind that only the Truth can bring. Not the convenient truth, not the truth we wish were true… but the T.R.U.T.H.. Our personal Truth. What is worth living for? Standing for? Dying for?? When we answer these questions, that no one else can answer for us, we understand what our priorities are… that is the gift of Aquarius. It’s lesson is for us to change our lives in order to live accordingly… regardless of the consequences. Consequences such as… disapproval, disappointment, falling short of the expectations of… (fill in the blank) our parents, spouse, society, children, boss, colleagues, best friends, etc…

So as Luna shines full in the Water Bearer’s sign… she illuminates for us, not only these personal priorities within, but how we need to adjust in order to live accordingly. What is your truth now? How about now?

Within the 40 days and nights of Venus’s retrograde, we focus in on who and what we are in relationship to. What relationships are priority? Who or what supports us in being our most authentic selves? How do we need to change to show up for these relationships? Is there room for us to change within them? What other questions arise when we overlap Aquarian themes with relationships? And not only relationships… we’re upgrading our value systems, and we’re inspecting the subterranean waters of our creative wellsprings. Are there blockages in the flow? Contaminants? Pollutants that need cleaning out? How do we feed ourselves soul nourishment?

As Luna pulls away from Pluto r in Capricorn, we move beyond the soul wounds of our past, and into an inspired future. We anchor our truths within so that we are resourced and able to withstand unpredictable circumstances. (Moon square Jupiter/Uranus in Taurus)

Then we realize that we are not the sum total of our stores… they were only stepping stones. Who we are is far deeper, and more present than our past. We seek not perfection, but applying compassionate self-care, we follow the Love, and become Ourselves.

Happy Full Moon in Aquarius.

Sending so much Love!!!!!!!

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