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Musings On... the Full Moon in Cancer 2023

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

Friday, January 6, 2023. 1:08pm Hawaii Time

Healing… in a nutshell, is what Cancer is all about. It is the sign of The Mother. Nurturing, heart-centered, and in sync with the natural ebbs and flows of emotions, this cardinal water sign would have us feel our way through life.

Home, family, and the deep roots that tie us to land and ancestry, all live in the realm of Cancer. This invokes belonging, a sense of place, and a sense of self. The Cosmic Crab is a soft-bodied creature to whom Nature, by necessity, has gifted a shell. Without substantial outer protection the crab would become a tasty morsel for greedy seagulls in an instant.

Like the symbolism suggests, our tender hearts need some form of protection from the harsh realities of the outer world. The trick is cultivating a “shell” thick enough to protect us, and thin enough so as not to shut the world out. Cancer asks us to be honest about the way we feel, and the wounds within our hearts that need to heal. It’s too easy, under this sign’s influence, to cleverly hide our own needs behind the endless responsibilities we have towards the other people in our lives. “Mothering” others is ok, as long as we also make ourselves a priority.

Back to those “harsh realities” that have our tender hearts so befuddled at times… The Sun, Mercury retrograde, and Pluto all lie in Capricorn, opposite the Moon. Capricorn, the sign of reality checks, obstacles, and practicalities is uninterested in our emotions. Rather, this sign thinks only of the goal, and the work it takes to get there. The Sea Goat can climb the highest heights, and swim the deepest depths. It is unstoppable. What makes it so? Resolve as hard as steel, patience, and determination.

These influences harden and refine us. These experiences gift us fortitude and an inner authority that no one can take from us. Mercury is retrograding here for a few weeks yet, and asking us to review our goals, and the work we’re willing to do to attain them. It’s asking us to consider our relationship to authority; both that outside ourselves, and our own inner authority.

As Pluto moves through the last degrees of Capricorn over the next few months, we’re likely to see the dark side of power hungry authority, as people grasp for control. Personally, meditating on what we have control over, and what we don’t, may be wise. The Sun here asks us to take responsibility for our own lives, and opposite the Moon, for our own healing. We have a beautiful opportunity to parent ourselves exactly as our inner child needs, and to become the captain of our own ship.

As I type, Venus is conjunct Pluto. Two things come to mind here: first, power dynamics in relationships, and secondly, allowing the truth of what we treasure in our lives to transform us. What do we live for? What matters the most? What could we not live without? The heart of this answer is Love.

At the time of this New Moon, Venus will have arrived in Aquarius, the Truth Bearer. Trine Mars (out of bounds and sitting on the degree of its station) we have a beautiful opportunity to examine how we connect to others in our lives. Are we willing to speak the truth? And… how do we make decisions, and take action, based on that which we value the most?

In aspect to Luna’s nodes, this Lunation holds layers of learning. The day after the Full Moon Mercury the Messenger moves into the heart of the Sun. Pay close attention. Stay awake. ~~~Listen ~~~

Happy Full Moon in Cancer. Happy Healing.

May the Truth set us Free!


January 7 ~ Mercury rx conjunct the Sun

January 12 ~ Mars stations Direct

January 18 ~ Mercury stations Direct

January 20 ~ Sun enters Aquarius

January 21 ~ New Moon in Aquarius and Lunar Imbolc

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