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Musings On... the Full Moon in Capricorn 2023

Monday, July 3, 2023 1:39 AM Hawaii Time

Aloha, Happy Full Moon in Capricorn! Here’s a few reflections for this Full Moon. Have you been feeling sleepy, dreamy, "spacy", reflective?

Neptune has just stationed retrograde, and that is opening the door into the realms of the Numinous.

photo by: Kathy Goodall

Sprague Lake, Hallet Peak, Rocky Mountain National Park

Meanwhile... this Full Moon Supports us in practical ways, and encourages us to take responsibility for our own feelings, needs, and emotional well being. Things may feel a little spicy with Mars and Venus in conjunction. There’s passion and in the air. Square Uranus in Taurus it may just rattle our chains a bit… As Neptune begins its retrograde motion, things can feel fuzzy, and vague.

Sun/Mercury conjunction in Cancer ensures that we feel all of it… deeply! Whatever emotions are being jostled to the surface regarding our personal interactions and conversations with others may feel quite tender and raw. We’re challenged not to take things personally, but to embrace a higher perspective, while simultaneously offering ourselves buckets of self-care. Moon in Capricorn supports us in strengthening our resolve to act with integrity, endurance, commitment, and to face challenges. There’s a “toughness” about this, that if navigated well, sees us through. When in doubt, be quick to listen and slow to speak! There’s a lot of internal processing going on, and it needs room to breathe.

This is a great Moon for taking time away, alone, and in meditative states. Walking the line between keeping an open heart, and tending to the tenderness we feel is a 24/7 situation. But following the thread of our emotional states, without getting lost down the rabbit hole, offers keys to how we can best meet our needs now, and heal our tender hearts.

It may be interesting to consider what was happening at the end of December 2022, when we had a new Moon in Capricorn. Challenges and circumstances that were presenting themselves then are now finding resolution. Insights and messages meant to support us spiritually pour in with Neptune and Mercury featured. The doorway to the Numinous is wide open. It's wise now to get plenty of sleep, and pay attention to our dreams. This Lunation is less about ‘doing’, as time spent in reflection now is a worthy investment.

Happy Full Moon in Capricorn!

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