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Musings On... the Full Moon in Libra 2023

Wednesday, April 5, 2023 6:34 pm Hawaii Time

Balance. Harmony. Beauty. Peace.

Modern life is not always a catalyst for these attributes. In a time when security as we’ve always known it has been interrupted, and courage is required for daily living; in a time when the only certainty is that there is none, and emotions can run high…

The Moon gifts us fullness in the sign of Libra. Venetian ruled, the cosmic scales invite us to measure, weigh, and balance opposing forces in our lives. A healthy ecosystem is one that includes diverse elements existing in comparable proportions. It's not the absence of stress, rather it’s the tensegrity of all the moving pieces that equalize one another. Neutrality. Peace.

This is a creative sign, motivated by the kind of beauty that causes us to exhale ~ long, luxurious sighhhs.

Two weeks ago, in tandem with the New Moon, the Sun moved into the sign of Aries. Equinoxes represent moments of balance in nature. It's only a moment, and then the tables turn, but it matters. Now, the Full Moon in Libra helps us reflect on how we’re holding things in balance in our lives.

We’ve been through intensity with large planetary shifts, and the fast pace of Aries season underway. Things are about to be exciting again as we move into eclipse season, and Mercury turns retrograde. Even in this moment, The Sun rests between the Chiron, the symbol of our wounds, and Jupiter, planet of excess. These aren’t “easy” times.

With this Lunation, the Moon offers a moment of reprieve, if we choose it. Dive into beauty, and what nourishes your soul. Invest in relationships. The kinds that offer opportunities for mutual and equal exchanges of affection and support. Immerse yourself in your most satisfying creative endeavors. Consider ways to tweak the balance of life’s juggling act in your favor… All of these choices nourish the nervous system, and the entire being. Each choice that moves us towards balance is an act of self-care.


Full Moon in Libra 4-5 at 6:34pm 16°07’

New Moon in Aries 4-19 6:12 pm 29°50’

Solar Eclipse (Annular Total) at 6:16 pm

Sun enters Taurus 4-19 at 10:14 pm

Mercury retrograde 4-20 at 10:34pm

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