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Musings On... the Full Moon in Libra, and Lunar Eclipse

Sunday, March 24, 2024 9:00 PM Hawaii Time

Happy Equinox!!!

We are entering what may very well be considered the most astrologically intense time of 2024.  This promises to be a lively Spring season.  

I’m including dates below the chart for reference, starting with the recent Equinox.

This Full Moon in Libra is followed by a Lunar eclipse 14 minutes after exaction. Thus we enter into eclipse season, which will culminate with the New Moon in Aries and a Solar eclipse on April 8th.  Meanwhile, we’ll see Mercury Station retrograde on April 1st. It will station Direct on April 25, five days after the much anticipated Jupiter/Uranus conjunction on the 20th.  

So that is our background information. Let’s look at the Full Moon in Libra, within that context. If you haven’t yet, take a sec and scroll down to the end of this post and take a wee peek at the chart.  Notice that The Full Moon is opposite EVERYTHING else in the chart?  (except the SN of the Moon, which its next to, thus we have an eclipse) 

This is a POWERFUL Moon. Eclipses are known to bring endings, and new beginnings.  They seem to usher us into new chapters in our lives.  The energy can feel potent and supercharged. It’s exciting!  Deep breaths and deep presence are gifts and resources for this time. 

Libra’s Full Moon’s aim is to cast luminescence on our past patterning, specifically our blind spots, in relationships. As such, we may have tidbits of the past bubbling back to the surface of our daily lives as reminders of times we’ve fallen out of balance, or wish we’d handled something differently.  Specifically we may begin to experience reminders of ways in which we’ve given our power away, or sacrificed too much for diplomacy and peace. Rather than feeling victimized, we learn to accept responsibility for the ways in which we’ve allowed our boundaries to be crossed. We learn to draw lines in the sand, to take a stand, and to stand in our truth for the sake of our own healing. It's time to learn to be whole within ourselves, and remember we don’t lack for anything. In this way we can show up for all of our relationships , including the one with ourselves, standing fully in our personal strength, so that we can cultivate equanimity, clarity, and harmony within unions.

This can be a transformational time. Apil offers opportunities to further deepen our understanding of new perspectives recently gained.  We stand on the threshold of change, yet there’s still some learning… some messages that want to find our ears and our hearts, before we fully cross over into a new time in our lives. Mercury retrogrades offer periods of reflection and processings so that we can integrate what we learn more fully. Wisdom would have us use this time to slow down, and create space wherever possible to simply be.

Many blessings.  May we each commit to the art of remaining fully present, for that is where the Divine lives!


19 - 5:06pm Spring Equinox Sun enters Aries

22 - 1:47pm Mars enters Pisces

24 - Full Moon in Libra 9:00pm 5°7”

24 -  Lunar Eclipse 9:13 pm 0°9”


1 - Mercury retrograde 12:16 pm  27°11’ Aries (finishes with conjunctions to Chiron and NN. Bringing back up themes of their conjunction March 5)

4 - Venus enters Aries 6:00pm

8 - New Moon in Aries 8:21 am 19°24’

8 - Solar Eclipse in Aries 8:17 am 15°4’(?)

11 - Mercury Kazimi at 1:03pm 

19 - Sun enters Taurus 4:00am 

20 - Jupiter conjunct Uranus 4:27pm  21°49?’ (Pull chart)

23 - Full Moon in Scorpio 1:39 pm 4°18’

25- Mercury D 2:55 am 15°59’ Aries

29th Venus enters Taurus 1:31 am 

30 - Mars enters Aries 5:33 am 

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