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Musings On.. the Full Moon in Sagittarius

June 14, 2022 1:51 AM Hawaii Time

The Sun was swinging lower by the minute in the evening sky. As I stepped out of the building to walk towards my car it was directly in front of me, commanding my attention with its undeniable brilliance and warmth, so characteristic of the Sun. I passed through the threshold and looked back at the Eucalyptis and blooming Jacaranda; standing as co-sentinals over the land I’d been visiting. There, high above them was a swollen, opaque Moon, backlit by the clear blue sky.

Surrounded by Sun and Moon I stood and gave thanks. What a rare treat to see them both in near exact opposition! Inherently, Full Moon times symbolize opposition. 180° around the circle of life. Another way to look at it is “fullness” or “fruition”. The seed’s dream realized, the flower blossomed, and at maximum capacity. There’s tension here. Growth requires that we endure it.

Please click the link to watch a video for the Full Moon.

Uranus is destabilizing things to bring up to the surface the issues from our past that we're ready to face. The Full Moon in Sagittarius asks us not to limit our beliefs around what is possible, and to have faith in life. Neptune square the Full Moon offers us the option of checking out, and letting life call the shots. This will result in us reenacting our past wounds. Or we can realize that we are co-creating this life with the Divine, and the high road is always available to us. Jupiter, the ruler of this Full Moon, represents the faith required to bridge the gap between our wounds and our healing. It takes determination. Finally, the North Node in Taurus, conjunct its ruler, Venus, shows us how to calm down, and how to claim peace. It's time for us to connect with the Earth, connect with our bodies, and calm down. It's time to stop and smell the roses! : )

The Two Weeks Ahead... (all dates listed are in Hawaii Time)

June 20, 11:14 pm Happy Summer Solstice! Sun in Cancer

June 22, 2:34pm Venus moves into Gemini

June 27, 9:25 Neptune stations retrograde

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