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Musings On... the Full Moon in Sagittarius

May 23, 2024 3:53 AM Hawaii Time

After an intense eclipse season with Mercury retrograde, and the Jupiter - Uranus conjunction of April, Taurus season aimed to settle our senses. And yet, not only is much still transpiring, Uranus, planet of upheaval and change, of breakdowns and breakthroughs,  has been in the mix.  This planet, perhaps like no other, can have a direct effect on the nervous system.  When it's in the  sign of Earth, and the body… well… unsettling weather, both internally and externally, can ensue.  

So what does this mean for us individually?  These are my personal musings… but I’m thinking that it's a green light for us to learn to calm the nerves by going deeper into the body.  I feel it's a signal for us to learn the belief that even with an unsettled nervous system, we can, and will, be ok.  Tapping into our resource base, learning to find, and live from our center, and listening from a  place of silence, can cultivate a calm knowing worth living by.  Like the zen of a deep mountain cave, we all have an inward place we can  retreat to.  We can come and go as often as we want throughout our days… knowing that when we surface we’ll be able to engage life from a place of wholeness. This is the place of deep listening.  With Mercury now in Taurus, we’re called to this.

Now we enter  Gemini season! (Sun entered Gemini 5-20)  From the deep mountain cave, out into the world of perception and learning!  And we begin with the Full Moon. 

Wow!  What a Full Moon!   Home to my own Moon, Sagittarius has my heart…  This is the sign of the Seeker, one on a quest to find the meaning of life, and to understand what is true. Sagittarius seeks FREEDOM, adventure!!! And discovery.  It NEEDS its horizons broadened.  There’s an evolutionary aim behind all of this…new experiences  allow for the expansion of perspective, and our perspective forms our belief systems.  Thus Sagittarius motivates us to form,  change, and reform our beliefs. .  Beliefs require faith, a quality that comes naturally to this sign.  Ultimately, at the heart of the matter, Sagittarius motivates us to quest for Wisdom. That is the holy grail. 

There’s also a touch Wild in the part of our chart that houses Saggitarius.  That’s because Sag is a Centaur, half horse, half human.  This creature can navigate wilderness as well as domesticated landscapes.  It can be perfectly at home in a world where words are irrelevant, and instinct prevails.  

‘Jupiter the Great’ rules this sign, and thus presides over the Full Moon! Often referred to as “the Great Benefic” Jupiter is thought to bring gifts, opportunities, and blessings.  One thing is certain, where we find Jupiter in the chart, we are asked to place our faith, so that it may be increased!  This planet has a generative quality.  (Did you know that Jupiter was almost a Sun?  NASA says it has 80 to 95 moons of its own. Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto are the four largest, and visible with a strong pair of binoculars)  In current events: Jupiter just held counsel with the Sun (Saturday, May 18) , and kisses  Venus on the day of the Full Moon.  Needless to say, Jupiter is infused with vitality and energy!   All these planets lie in Taurus, where Venus presides, so it's as if we’re looking at a royal court procession … Venus, Jupier, Uranus, Mercury… all in Taurus!  What a lineup! 

Taurus brings the energy of the Bull, slow and steady, peace seeking, and earth centered.  This astrology is asking us to ground into our foundations (Taurus) so that we can fly (Sagitarius). It asks us to appreciate, and build upon our resources, in order that we may find freedom.  It’s also an opportunity, in the light of the full Moon, to examine our belief systems. Being a fixed sign, Taurus can be adverse to change.  By remaining calmly alert, and in a deep state of listening, we can observe our thought patterns and perspectives that form our beliefs, so that we can be free (Sag word) to create belief systems that align with our highest truth.

New horizons are the frontier before us. The territory?  The wilderness where mind meets body.  We are in a time of new beginnings (Jupiter conjunct Uranus 4/20) where what was broken is ready to heal (Venus conjunct Uranus (5/17) so that new opportunities may blossom (Sun conjunct Jupiter (5/18) and blessings may be received (Venus conjunct Jupiter 5/23. ) 

Listen deeply, find the calm, center within. Allow peace to flourish. 

Sending SO MUCH LOVE!!!!!

Upcoming Dates:

20 - Sun into Gemini 2:59 am 

23 - Full Moon in Sagittarius 3:53 am 2°55’ *********

23  Venus into Gemini 10:30am 

25 - Jupiter into Gemini 1:15pm


2 - Jupiter trine Pluto 2:13pm

2 - Mercury enters Gemini 9:37 pm 

6 - New Moon in Gemini 2:38am 16°18’

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