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Musings On... the Full Moon in Scorpio

Sunday, May 15. 6:14pm Hawaii Time

The Full Moon in Scorpio rests with its own South Node. The South Node represents our karmic past… the parts of us that were hurt, or that we’ve outgrown… Either way, these are elements that once defined us, that we need to move away from . How? How do we move away from ingrained habits? How does the fish know the water?

The sign of The Scorpion, is in fact, a water sign. Water works in the realm of emotion, feelings… Soul. It relentlessly digs for truth, tirelessly turning over stones and uprooting foundations, floors, and pathways, to uncover Truth. Essentially, anything fixed falls under the scrutiny of The Detective's eye, which sees the unseen. It senses that which is unsaid, unrevealed, hidden. What lies in the dark has been buried there for a good reason. Grief, raw emotion, painful memories, and ancestral patterns, as well as a general sensitivity to the suffering of humankind, all huddle under the headlamp Scorpio dons as it goes spelunking into the caverns of our souls.

This Full Moon creates a total Lunar eclipse (at 6:11 pm HI Time). Eclipses mark endings of cycles, and times of release.

This Full Moon is on a mission to unearth the pieces of our wounded past that have embedded themselves into the fabric of our personas. What is being revealed is ready for release. Our emotions serve as red flags ; markers indicating the parts of our psyche, perhaps once useful, that have become burdensome, and no longer serve our growth.

The Sun in Taurus sits with the North Node of the Moon, pointing the way forward. The North Node is the healing remedy, the cure for our karmic ailments. With Mercury retrograde about to meet with the Sun, and Uranus, planet of change, also within orbs of the Sun, there’s an element of re-doing, or reviewing some aspect of our identity that we want to change. Influenced by Taurus, these planets address themes of money, resources, security, and self- assuredness. Regarding projects and pursuits, Mercury’s retrograde reminds us that while our grand plans may indeed be fruitful, we need to spend a little more time organizing and preparing in order for implementation to succeed.

Fears that emerge now point out the insecurities that we are ready to identify with no longer.

Square to Saturn in Aquarius, this Lunition suggests that we can break outside of the molds we’ve adopted, if we’re willing to persist diligently, and with discipline. Some alone time (Saturn) getting in touch with ourselves will support the process, but might be hard to come by.

Pluto and Mars co-rule the Full Moon, and both are in supportive aspects to the Sun/Moon. Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces lights a fire under our dreamy, creative notions, and burns away our delusions, while Pluto retrograde in Capricorn helps us strip away the constructs in our perceptual framework that hold us back.

Upcoming Dates:

Sun moves into Gemini May 20, at 3:22pm HI Time

Mercury retrogrades back into Taurus May 22, 3:15pm HI Time

Mars moves into Aries May 24, 1:17pm HI Time

Venus moves into Taurus May 28, 4:46am HI Time

Happy Full Moon!

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