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Musings On... the Full Moon in Scorpio

Updated: May 5

Tuesday, April 23, 1:48pm Hawaii Time

Scorpions live in darkness.  Many eyes grace their body, and yet they navigate primarily through their sense of touch, perceiving minute vibrations.  They’re also able to detect shadows cast by starlight in the thick of night.  

What if we used our shadows to help us navigate? What if we tuned into our felt sense in order to know?  And what does that look like?

April’s potent astrology is still unfolding.  Mercury is slowing down, approaching its final destination on this retrograde journey.  As it stations direct on Thursday it will be in conjunction with the North Node of the Moon.  These are karmic moments.  Pay attention to what is arising.   

Scorpio asks us to look into the shadows of our lives, to see that which we've swept under the rug, and own it. Personal power is reclaimed when we can be with, and love all of ourselves. The angry, the ugly, the scared, the sad... are all layers that peel away to reveal the core of us that needs love. I've also noticed that Scorpio often points us towards ancestral healing that is needed. Right now, magnified emotions may have ties to ancestral karma that is ready to be healed in our lives.

Scorpio wants the whole truth, even when it isn't comfortable. With a square to Pluto in Aquarius, this time may be anything but comfortable, yet it's transformative potential is incredible. Pluto in Aquarius asks us how we need to adjust and change things in order to be fully in alignment with ourselves. The end result of effective shadow work is personal empowerment, and autonomy.

Two weeks ago the Aries New Moon was hinting at helping us to step into ourselves more fully. Now, at the Full Moon, we do that by being with the part of ourselves that's hard to be with because it stings. But guess what? Venom strengthens our immune system! It fortifies our natural defenses.

Just on the other side of the Jupiter Uranus conjunction, we are craving the freedom to be true to ourselves. Let's do that by committing to see ourselves fully, especially the parts that make us more human.

Sending so much Love! Happy Full Moon in Scorpio.


20 - Jupiter conjunct Uranus 4:27pm  21°49?’ (Pull chart)

23 - Full Moon in Scorpio 1:39 pm 4°18’

25- Mercury D 2:55 am 15°59’ Aries

29th Venus enters Taurus 1:31 am 

30 - Mars enters Aries 5:33 am 

May 1 - Pluto Rx 7:47am 2°6’

May 7 - New Moon in Taurus 5:22 pm  18°2’

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