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Musings On... the Full Moon in Scorpio and Partial Lunar Eclipse 2023

Friday, May 5, 2023. 7:34am Hawaii Time

Full Moons are times of fruition, and coming into the fullness of what was planted around the New Moon. There’s opportunity for manifestation, and illumination. Looking back at the New Moon there were themes of family and ancestral karma, our sense of belonging, rootedness, our emotional well being, and our ties to the land. These themes are ripening now.

This Full Moon is happening in the sign of Scorpio, which is about taking an honest look at what lies beneath the surface, without filters, veils, or anything obscuring our vision. While Full Moons are usually a time of illumination, this one occurs with a partial lunar eclipse… the light of the Moon will be temporarily darkened. This is an opportunity for us to go into the darkness of our interior landscape, and sit in stillness, to see what arises. Scorpio is very much at home in the dark!

Opposite the Moon, Uranus and Mercury retrograde flank the Sun, supporting us in receiving messages, ah-ha moments, and breakthroughs in our perceptions that can be integrated into our very identity now. Uranus sometimes brings sudden changes, realizations, or unexpected events that shuffle things around to get our attention, and help us zoom in on our priorities. Mercury retrograde is reviewing Taurien themes of listening to the wisdom of our bodies, and reminding us that Nature is our greatest teacher. Our bodies, and Mother Nature will be the messengers.

Can perceive (Mercury) our identity (Sun) in new ways (Uranus)?

Pluto rx is sitting at 0°22’ of Aquarius, square the nodes of the Moon. Karmic wounding

points to how we are different. Different from our families, our communities, our culture… Some of our needs as individuals have historically gone unmet, or some of our uniqueness has been unseen, or even rejected. Pluto asks us to stand in the power of our individuated nature, regardless of the opinions of others. To exalt in our uniqueness, to celebrate what makes us different.

Mars in Cancer trines the Moon, and Sextiles the Sun, asking us what is worth defending? In this moment when we’re seeing and feeling and releasing karmic wounds, what is worth keeping? What around our emotional wellbeing, our heart, our sense of home and family is worth standing for? Worth having the courage to claim?

With so many planets, and the North Node of the Moon in Taurus, we’ll pay close attention to Venus (Ruler of Taurus) in Gemini. Here the Goddess reminds us that as we create ourselves anew, continually renewing our sense of self, we get to communicate who we are, and what are needs and desires are. We don’t owe it to anyone to remain stuck in a rut, or a role. We can decide how we want to be in relationship both with ourselves, and others, and communicate that clearly.

Square Neptune, Venus in Gemini needs *clear* communication, with a splash of compassion.

Wishing us all the courage sit in the dark, clear night vision, compassion for ourself and others, and a willingness to stand in our truth… no matter how complicated, or simple it may be! Aloha, and Happy Full Moon!


Beltane 5-1

Pluto Rx 5-1 7:09 am

Lunar Beltane/ May Day 5-5

Full Moon in Scorpio 5-5 at 7:34 am 14°58’

Lunar Eclipse (Appulse) at 7:23 am

Venus enters Cancer 5-7 at 4:25 am

Mercury D 5-14 5:16 pm

Jupiter enters Taurus 5-16 at 7:20 am

Jupiter square Pluto 5-17 3:11pm

New Moon in Taurus 5-19 at 5:53am 28°25’

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