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Musings On... the Full Moon in Taurus

Saturday, October 28, 2023 10:24 AM Hawaii Time

Most often Full Moons happen opposite the sign in which they were new two weeks prior. Opposites create tension, but they always have a common theme.

This Lunation finds the Moon full in Taurus, when two weeks ago she was new in Libra. These signs are not opposing. So what common thread can we find here? Venus rules both signs. The means may vary some, but the aim of Venus in both signs is Serenity, Beauty, and Harmony. Venus points us towards the theme of relationship. At the New Moon in Libra we were looking at relationship patterns ready to be released. With the Full Moon in Taurus, we're looking at establishing serenity that comes from the inner resources of self-confidence and security, and then relating to others from that foundation.

A Full Moon in Taurus asks us to find serenity through the natural world, through grounding, through resourcing ourselves materially (health of the body, connection to Mother Nature, and yes… financial stability). It assists us in becoming secure in our environment, at home in our own skin, and satiated with a deep, inner sense of peace. It wants us to satisfy our inner animal… food, shelter, rest, comfort… and that same inner animal is equipped with instincts that become our most primal resources. As my teacher, Steven Forest would say, Taurus helps us to know who and what “smells right” for us. This is not a logical practice, but an intuitive one. Conjunct Jupiter rx these themes are magnified, felt deeply, and have the capacity to increase our faith when we aim our compasses accordingly

Opposing the Moon we find Sun conjunct Mercury and Mars in Scorpio. This opposition may have us fixated on what is going wrong. These planets in Scorpio are the "muck" I referred to in the email... pointing to pain, suffering, and shadow condition of our human experience. With the South Node in Libra, we cannot escape the shadow side that emerges any time we’re dealing with the human experience of being connected with, or entangled with, other humans, or simply Life. Sticking with shadow themes for a moment, in Virgo, Venus (as South Node ruler), can become passive aggressive, and brutally judgmental. Whether on the giving, or receiving end, these behaviors are divisive and destructive.

Back to Venus as the ruler of this Lunation, what is the high ground? In Virgo, harsh judgment is replaced with necessary discernment, manipulative behavior gives way to seeking opportunities to offer our gifts in meaningful ways. Our aim is to serve Love. There’s a breaking with past patterning that wants to happen here. But the circumstances, truly karmic in nature, can be blurry… there’s a need to decipher Truth, and clearly see and claim the higher ground.

The North Node of the Moon is in Aries. The high ground is going to take every ounce of courage we have, and a dedication to the Truth. And… with the North Node ruler, Mars, conjunct the Sun/Mercury in Scorpio, the high ground is going to take us down some messy roads. We may feel raw, vulnerable, and frightened, as we face the "muck" of the human condition, and confront former versions of our lives that need to change. If we're facing fear, anger, or insecurity, it may help to remember that external circumstances/challenging people are not the problem, they are conduits for us to see who we’ve been, and who we’re ready to become.

A snake shedding its skin is probably not comfortable. New skin probably feels sensitive and tender. If we hold ourselves with the compassion necessary to care for our delicate inner state, and commit to the courage to live according to our Truth and our deepest values, both of these being rooted in Love, we’ll be on track.

Wishing you all a peaceful, happy Full Moon in Taurus.

Please note: *I adjusted the video above, so the misspoken piece I mentioned in the email no longer applies. ; )

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