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Musings On... the Full Moon in Virgo

Saturday, February 24, 2024 at 2:30AM Hawaii Time

As I type this there’s an applying conjunction between Mars and Venus in Aquarius, that will be exact later today, and separating by the time you read this. The two will still be about a degree from one another at the time of the Full Moon.  Mars, God of War, Venus, Goddess of Love and Beauty.  The two are like magnets, always attracted to one another, but sometimes repelling each other when they get turned around.  Passion, or relationship conflict? Either way, we know the heat is getting dialed up.  It’s a good time to be very present, especially in the presence of our loved ones. 

For fun, let’s also recall that Venus represents our Values.  How do we live in relationship (a Venus word) with what is most important in our lives?   Might we consider this conjunction an opportunity to awaken to the realization (Aquarian terms) that it's time to infuse our values (Venus) with our will power, courage and passion? (Mars)  It's a good  time to assertively act upon (Mars) what is most important in our creative Lives. (Venus words) 

This is part of the backdrop to a beautiful Full Moon in Virgo at 2:30 AM Hawaii Time, on Saturday, February 24.  

Our most recent New Moon was brimming with inspiration to recognize and honor our dreams and goals.  Now, the Full Moon in Virgo says, “Make it Real”.  Virgo is an Earth sign.  Motivated by a perpetual and acute sense for the potential of perfection in any situation, Vigo has a powerful work ethic fueled by an urgent desire for growth and improvement. She’ll relentlessly seek the attainment of excellence in all of her endeavors, applying the magic potion of humility, blended with effort,  as she strides gracefully towards success. 

This Hoku Moon implores us to apply the same qualities to our dreams and goals, therefore bringing them into physical manifestation. “Make it real.” This is the dream actualized through hard work, humility, and a heart of service. 

A congregation in Pisces opposes the Moon. Whilst often planets become sleepy in this sign, Mercury and Saturn flank the Sun, waking us from the dream long enough to realize we need a little elbow grease with a dash of determination to make it real. Applying Virgo’s practical magic, it's time to roll up our sleeves, get organized, and get to work, all the while keeping the dream in our hearts. Virgo’s daily prayer is to do work that genuinely contributes to making the world a better place. Effectiveness is the goal.  

Please don’t get lost in Virgo’s shadows… caught up in the snare of perfectionism!   Perfection is the unattainable carrot that remains maddeningly just out of reach. We can drive ourselves tirelessly towards it until we're depleted, and it won't have done any good. Let's not be martyrs, not for anyone, not even for our own lives. Let's love ourselves enough to recognize when we need rest and renewal. There's a time to say no. Please don’t fall into the quicksand of unkind self-criticism either. . Improvement, growth, the cultivation of viable skills,  meaningful work that is genuinely helpful;  these are the aim of high Virgo. 

Shortly after the Full Moon, Venus and Mars square off with Jupiter in Taurus, implying opportunity not easily won. Perhaps a “leap of faith” as we branch out and try something new.

As the North Node and Chiron continue journeying towards one another, let’s keep in mind that the big picture now includes finding the courage to gain new perspectives on old patterns, so that we can choose differently going forward. .  Reflecting on what we know about the Full Moon in Virgo, how can we work with this energy to support personal healing, and new, healthy perspectives as we move forward? 

Take heart, take action, dream, and MAKE IT REAL!  

Wishing you all oodles of Love and ✨Stardust!✨


24 - Full Moon in Virgo 2:30am 5°23” 

March 5 - Chiron conjunct the North Node in Aries 17°27'

9 - New Moon in Pisces 11:00 pm 20°17”

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