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Musings On... the New Moon in Aquarius 2024

Updated: Feb 8

Friday, February 9, 12:59pm Hawaii Time

February 9 is a special day!  As the second New Moon after the Winter Solstice, it’s Chinese New Year. (Also New Year in Tibetan and Iroquois cultures)  In Celtic tradition, the beginning of February is the first day of Spring. This holiday, or Holy Day, is called Imbolc, and  February 9th is considered the Lunar Imbolc.  The term is an old Gaelic word meaning “in the belly”, referring to ewes preparing for lambing season. The Earth, herself, is ready to give birth to new life.  When we tune in, we can see it all around.  And when we tune into ourselves, we can also sense new life ready to emerge. .

Remaining with the theme of new, emerging life…

I’d like to share with you what I’ve been feeling… I wonder if it resonates. 

I feel like I (we) are being called to live with more consciousness than we currently possess. This Moon speaks of awakening. It's as if that gap between where we are, and where we want to  be, is a vacuum (birth canal?) in the future pulling us forward, motivating us towards evolution, and and circumstantially motivating us towards more rapid growth.

Over the course of the next week Mars will continually move closer to Pluto, until they’re conjunct on February 13. Meanwhile pressure builds in some area of our life.  Power struggles are highlighted, but it may not necessarily be with other people.  For some of us it may feel like needing more power over a certain area of our own lives, for some, the struggle may be completely internal, between an old way of being, and a new one. This can be a combustible situation… a tug of war in the heavens, reflected in us. Are  new boundaries needed now?   Can we bring courage to face our shadows and transform?  The discomfort is a catalyst for growth. 

Meanwhile, Chiron conjunct the North Node aims to provide new perspective on old, destructive, habits, so that we can choose a new path forward. Of course, to gain new perspective, first we need to see our old habits.

This isn't necessarily "easy" astrology. Pluto isn't an "easy" planet. Chiron isn't a walk in the park. These represent our karmic wounding, and it's manifestation in our lives. We're catching glimpses between the brambles and thorns of the monster's footprints along the wayward paths of our subconscious. But it wouldn't be revealed if it we're ready to be healed. A dear friend recently reminded me of something I've been learning. Embracing the frightened, hurting, or angry parts of ourselves, rather than shoving them away, serves to make us whole. Simultaneously, we heal feelings of rejection, as we recognize and accept all of ourselves. Pluto, and Chiron become our deepest wisdom, and the most precious gift we give to the world. The "monster" becomes our internal superhero, when, rather than being cast aside, he is offered a warm embrace.

This Lunation forms a tight square to Uranus in Taurus. Having recently stationed direct, Uranus further supports our awakening and the removal of obstacles. It might choose dynamite to blast the dam... but one way or another, Life is ready to flow. Expect the unexpected.! Systems, and traditions, and habits are ripe for change.  There’s a radical call to look to indigenous wisdom, and to attune to our bodily senses as a resource and powerful guide. 

Welcome to the new you! You are not who you were yesterday. Who will you be tomorrow?

Which house, or houses, does Aquarius occupy in your chart?  That will give clues as to what part of your life is ready for a new beginning… for the awakening of your inner genius. 


February Dates:

9 - New Moon in Aquarius 12:59am 20°41’

12- Mars enters Aquarius 8:05pm

16- Venus enters Aquarius 6:05am

18- Sun enters Pisces 6:13pm

22- Mercury enters Pisces 9:29pm

24 - Full Moon in Virgo 2:30am 5°23” 


We-Moon 2024, page 21 The Wheel of the year: Holy Days

Green Sod Ireland 

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