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Musings On... the New Moon in Aries, and Total Solar Eclipse

Wednesday, April 19, 2023 6:12pm HI Time

Feeling it? We’re in eclipse season… a time of intensified karmic circumstances. The ruler of this New Moon is Mars, in the sign of Cancer. Cancer represents the home, family, roots, and sometimes our deep ties to family land. Heart centered, it has to do with our feelings and emotions as well. Mars heats things up, and intensifies. It wants action. It asks us what’s worth fighting for, and will we be the hunter or prey? Will we be proactive in advocating for ourselves, or fall victim to old, karmic patterning around home,

Alishiya Holland @alishiya_h

family, and our emotional health? How do we wish to define ourselves as individuals within these key relationships going forward? That’s a big question with this New Moon, and it

comes in the context of old triggers, past patterning, and dynamics that are ready to be released. An emotionally turbulent time… it pays to have a measure of grace and patience in our communication.

An eclipse occurs when a New, or Full Moon aligns with the Moon’s nodes. This New Moon conjuncts the North Node in Taurus, the ruler of which is Venus. The Goddess of Love, and planetary archetype of relationships, is in Gemini. Gemini has to do with understanding, and perception. A Gemini inspired Venus supports us in seeing our karmic patterning around relationships and our values more clearly so that we can process information, and heal/choose a different way forward. It reminds us to keep our values in the center of our relationships, and our conversations, and to temper our communications with grace.

It’s important to note that all of this is happening opposite the South Node of the Moon in Scorpio… which asks us to take an honest look at our wounded places, so that we can release, heal, and move forward. Sometimes I see Scorpio brining in themes of ancestry as well, which ties in with the topic of family roots. Pluto AND Mars co-rule Scorpio. Mars, as mentioned, is in Cancer, asking us what karmic wounding around home, family, and our emotional wellbeing is ready to be seen, healed, and released. Pluto on the other hand, has just moved into Aquarius, and squares (challenges) this New Moon. We cannot move forward until we make big changes in our lives… until we transform, and consciously move towards healthy individuation. That’s the message here… and it will be presented in a way that we cannot ignore.

While the Sun and Moon kiss on one side of the North Node, Uranus and Mercury join hands on the other. Be prepared for synchronistic occurrences, disturbing news, unexpected tidings, and lightning bolt realizations that support change, and move us towards our priorities. These two will be strongly featured with the Full Moon; a time when we can integrate these messages into ourselves.

Both Mars, and Venus are out of bounds, which adds to the unhinged, supercharged energy we’re feeling. Circumstances may feel out of our control. Largely, they are… but what is within our control is how we choose to be in relationship with what is showing up now. It helps to focus on what we DO want, rather than stay in fear that’s related to outdated dynamics. A good friend recently reminded me, “It’s not happening to you, it’s happening for you.” (Thanks -E!) Both Mars and Venus are aspected by Saturn in Pisces, reminding us that discipline in our Spiritual and creative practices now will be a lifesaver in turbulent waters.

I’m wishing us all clear seeing, and the will to hold our highest intentions at the forefront of our choices, actions, and lives. Happy New Moon in Aries!


Upcoming Dates:

New Moon in Aries 4-19 6:12 pm 29°50’

Solar Eclipse (Annular Total) at 6:16 pm

Sun enters Taurus 4-19 at 10:14 pm

Mercury retrograde 4-20 at 10:34pm


Beltane 5-1

Pluto Rx 5-1 7:09 am

Lunar Beltane/ May Day 5-5

Full Moon in Scorpio 5-5 at 7:34 am 14°58’

Lunar Eclipse (Appulse) at 7:23 am

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