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Musings On... the New Moon in Cancer 2023

July 17, 2023 8:32Am Hawaii Time

Cancer is the archetype of the Mother, and also represents our inner child, or that which needs to be ‘mothered’ within us. Tender, and full of feeling, this sign puts us directly in touch with our hearts, and helps us feel the achy parts that need healing.

The healer, another of Cancer’s archetypes, would remind us that genuine healing begins within. Only when we’ve positioned our own oxygen mask firmly on can we be of any use to those we love.

The New Moon in Cancer on Monday, July 17, at 8:32 am, is colored by some powerful themes. Stepping outside at dusk one star leaps to our attention, shining, “like a diamond in the sky.” The planet Venus is twinkling in our eyes for a reason… our attention is drawn. See, this is how Astrology works… even if you don’t have a computer, or know how to pull up charts, all you need to do is step outside and observe, pay attention, and feel.

Venus evokes beauty, the kind that melts our senses into peace. In this state we’re open, and it’s this openness that grants us access to our inner reservoirs of creative energy. Venus would put us in touch with the very source of life at our core… the wellsprings we draw from in order to renew.

She’s making a statement in the sky as she prepares to turn retrograde this coming Saturday. Venus will undergo a 40 day retrograde journey, in which time we’ll be reviewing all things Venetian. Creativity, personal values, and relationships, beginning of course with our relationship to ourselves.

This New Moon offers us an opportunity for healing that puts us right back in touch with our creative energy, reaffirms our most deeply held values, and sets us on a path to restore/heal the important relationships in our lives.

Opposing Pluto, the New Moon wants nothing less than transformation. It wants us to heal the Past, and asks us what we’re ready to release in the process. It may be uncomfortable, but deep work offers the most powerful healing. Stay with yourself… even deep in the cave of self. Stay with yourself.

As the North Node of the Moon just moved into Aries, it’s no surprise that this time calls for courage, and determination to move towards truth.

Happy New Moon in Cancer

Scroll down for the chart of the New Moon and a poem

Rio De Bajo

There’s a river that flows beneath the mountain

I played there as a child -

Thriving and diving, always aliving

I’d quench and slake my soul

Where the bubbling springs rolled

There’s a river that flows beneath the mountain

On occasion I would go -

Pensive and contemplative

In wisdom hoping to grow

There’s a river that flows beneath the mountain

I remember it as if it were a dream ~

My tears, perhaps travel lifetimes

To join its forgotten streams

There’s a river that flows beneath the mountain

Or at least so I’m told

Perhaps someday I’ll see it again

If I’m lucky, when I’m old

There’s a river that flows beneath the mountain

It’s waters once traversed my veins

But I’m tired now, and lost -

Deep in this cold, dark mountain cave

Worlds have passed

I don’t know who, or where I am

I grasp - but cannot see

I sing to echolocate

Time stills ~ and moves on

Drip ~ drip

Is it my tears?

Drip ~ drip

I hear

Drip ~drip ~ like a drum

Drip ~ a drum that is my ♥️

Drip ~ Drop Lands on my head

The Water has found me

There’s a river that flows beneath this mountain

Right through its very heart

Here ~ I am

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