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Musings On... the New Moon in Cancer 2024

Friday, July 5, 2024 12:57pm Hawaii Time

Two days ago Saturn, Lord of Karma, planet of structure, order, and discipline, stationed retrograde in the sign of Pisces. Today, Neptune, God of the Sea, planet of boundless imagination, creativity, compassion, and openness to spiritual realms, also stationed retrograde in Pisces.

I’ve been contemplating these two… seemingly opposite energies, both moving and stirring within us at the same time.  

Saturn is our karmic paycheck.  The decisions that we have made, that have led us to where we are today, are coming into view, and we’re experiencing the results.   Saturn’s station retrograde gives us the opportunity to review  the choices that have built the structures that our lives currently operate within. Saturn loves solitude, so time alone for reflection is supported now.  Do remember that  Saturn is all about realism, so some ah-ha’s may come through reality checks that aren’t super fun.  (And with the New Moon in Cancer, we’re likely to feel emotional about it)

Neptune reminds us that this moment isn’t about action, it truly is about reflection.  Deep water reflects.  The ocean dissolves.  What is needing to be dissolved now?  Neptune inspires the creative imagination.  Where is our creative life force needing nourishment?

Let’s remember Saturn is realism, Neptune is idealism.  Some of us tend to live in one or the other.  We’re being asked to toggle between both in order for some rebalancing to happen. 

Really, with so much mutable energy happening in the heavens now, I’m feeling like this is a call for many of us to adapt.  That word has been coming in so strongly for me.  I invite you to consider if it’s meant for you too, and trust that you’ll know if it feels resonate. 

Remember all that Gemini energy recently?  Remember that idea of forming new neural pathways?  Jupiter is still in Gemini assisting the process.  With so much shifting of momentum happening in the heavens, I feel we’re being supported to adapt as needed, creating a strong foundation for rewiring old mental circuits that are outdated. 


The Moon loves to be in Cancer.  This gentle, watery, intuitive sign glows with warmth when Luna graces her courts.  Sign of hearth fire and home, roots, and our sense of belonging; it's here we learn to nurture others, and receive healing. Family and home are themes, as well as inner foundations.  This is the arena of our deepest feelings.  Tears often flow in Cancer, and sentiments run strong.  Deep are the pathways , bonds, and karma forged between us and our loved ones, and they are highlighted now.

Venus in Cancer is a sweetheart.  She knows what others need in order to feel loved, and loves providing just that!.  She knows what she needs in order to feel loved too.  Whether or not she’ll take the time to acknowledge it, or continue focusing on everyone else’s needs… well… that’s up to the individual to decide. 

At the very least, we know that family relationships, and close bonds that include deep emotional ties are highlighted during this New Moon.  New beginnings in the realm of home, family, foundations, roots, and belonging are up now.  Cancer rules the deepest part of ourselves, and New Moons are times of darkness.  Please, do not judge your feelings during this time, and also, don’t be overwhelmed by them.  Let’s look deeply into the heart of our matters. Let’s observe the tides of our emotions with curiosity, and ask what we’re meant to learn from their messages. 

With Venus so close to the New Moon, and tightly square Chiron in Aries, and soon opposing Pluto rx in Aquarius,  I want to note that our tender spots are likely to be triggered now.  Feelings of anger, insecurity, and a sensitivity to our own, unmet needs may be rising.  This is a time to put the oxygen mask over our own nose and mouth before assisting others.  We cannot help others heal, if we cannot help ourselves heal. And moving forward in life without first tending to the inner life will win us very little progress. 

This is a time when our loved ones may reveal the shadow work we still need to do within ourselves. My dear friend (you know who you are) likes to say, “it’s not happening to us, it’s happening for us”.  Great advice in these times!

This is a strong current.  So, be with those you love, cuddle with your sweethearts and dears and darlings.  Be kind to yourself.  Eat soul food, and sleep deeply.  Rest.  Nourish thyself.  There’s a lot of treasure to uncover this week, so let’s be discoverers exploring the depths of our own tender hearts.  If tears come let them wash away the footprints of the past. If anger comes let it show us that lines drawn can be both graciously AND firmly.  And if our hearts break let’s realize they’ve opened wider to let more love in.  Love heals, and love can change us.

Mahalo, so much L O V E.  


June 29- Saturn Retrograde 9:06am  19°25’ 


2 - Neptune Rx 12:41am 29°55’ Pisces

2 - Mercury enters Leo 2:50am 

5 - New Moon in Cancer 12:57pm  14°23

11 - 6:19 am Venus enters Leo

15- 4:05am Mars conjunct Uranus in Taurus

21 - 12:17am Full Moon in Capricorn 29°9’

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