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Musings On... the New Moon in Capricorn

Thursday, January.11, 1:57 AM Hawaii Time


Wow... we all know we just came through the darkest time of the year. The moment of Solstice was magical. This year, something extraordinary happened. Three times a year Mercury goes retrograde. These are times of review, and a time to ponder questions that arise. During each Mercury retrograde there comes a climactic moment called Mercury cazimi. This is when Mercury moves Ito the heart of the Sun. It is a portal, if you will... a moment of illumination and clarity when information can pour in. This year, within 24 hours of the Solstice was Mercury cazimi.

Some would consider the Winter Solstice (what jus took place for the Northern Hemisphere) to be Astrological New Year. (If the New Moon is the darkest time of the month, and when we begin the cycle, Winter Solstice is the darkest time of the year, and an obvious new beginning.). If this is true, and therefore could be seen as a map of the year ahead, how beautiful is it to know that in our darkest moment, light, and clarity are preparing to pour in!

This Full Moon in Capricorn shows us necessary steps to change the course of our karmic patterning from our past, unconscious, default modes, to a future in which our souls evolve in alignment with Divine design.  We’re seeing the ways in which we give our power away through false beliefs, and limited perspectives.   Pluto will leave Capricorn before the Full Moon, marking a major shift. As it exits it asks us to purge any remaining constructs that no longer serve, or that do more harm than good.  

Sometimes spiritual perspective comes through the lens of the physical realm. In the midst of the swirling currents of change we create new stability and balance from our center.  This means honoring the wisdom, and the needs of the holy temple in which we dwell.  Our physical body is the environment we create to habitat our lives. Honoring it causes us to thrive.

 Additionally, sometimes spiritual perspectives include practical, long term goals and the to-do lists support their achievement.  Mars in Capricorn is the slow and steady burn that fuels the marathon runner.  Eye on the prize and in it for the long haul. This is a great time to set goals that require willpower and discipline. How appropriate for the beginning of the year!

We’re all being called to become healers in our own right, by first doing the work of our own inner healing.  We’re facing what we fear, purging outdated constructs, and reclaiming authority (author) in our lives by setting goals. Its time for taking objective, practical steps that lead us into the new territory that is calling us. 

Currently, my personal theme for 2024 is "New Horizons". Keep it if it resonates.

Mahalo, happy New Moon! Happy New Year! Remember, Capricorn is the Sea-Goat. There are no depths t0o deep, and no mountain too high to climb. Go get 'em!

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