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Musings On... the New Moon in Gemini 2024

Updated: Jun 6

Thursday, June 6, 2:38am Hawaii Time

You guys!!! This is a power house New Moon in the midst of a powerhouse Gemini season! Jupiter entered Gemini May 25th, indicating a big energetic shift into the this sign that thrives on communication, observation, and learning.  Gemini is a busy sign, and you’re likely to be busy at this time too!

As of June second Mercury has also arrived. Gemini is the domicile of the messenger planet, which rules this lunation, and is still in a conjunction with Jupiter!  What a powerful Mercury we see here!  Keep ears open for good tidings.  Keep heart open to listen deeply to the messages life is bringing now. 

My bestie said it best, “Gemini is about building new neural pathways.”

This is the sign of perception.  What color are your glasses? Through what perspective do you see the world? . Our 6 senses: seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling, tasting, and that inner knowing… our na’au… our gut… these tell us about the world around us.  This sign has its eyes wiiiiiide open in wonder and awe.  Never bored, Gemini never sees the same world twice.  

Imagine a kid in a candy shop, or a seven year old in Legoland for the first time. Bug eyed and slack jawed!   That is what Gemini is all about!   Gemini needs to be surprised by life, and to not allow preconceived notions and opinions to dictate the perspective. 

With Venus conjunct the New Moon, sweet connections and blessings abound.  Tightly squared by Saturn, there’s an opportunity, through our persistence and effort, to ground these blessings into reality, and bring them into manifestation.  Saturn makes us work for it though, and sometimes that means pushing through obstacles and challenging situations.  There’s may be a push-pull vibe between manifestation and bumping into limitations. The key here is to maintain the vision, while doing the daily work towards our goals. 

The word "vision" envokes the magic of Neptune, which is in the process of slowing down to station retrograde on July 2nd.  Neptune inspires our creative imagination with hope for the future. It plants Divine Vision into our consciousness.  Now.. here’s what’s so cool…  The sabian symbol for the degree occupying for the New Moon, and will station on, is: “A majestic rock formation resembling a face is idealized by a boy who takes it as his ideal of greatness, and as he grows up, begins to look like it.” (I’ll not for a moment condone carving the faces of presidents into holy mountain sides.  And, the concept presented here is really valuable)  What is your vision of greatness?  What is the ideal you see for yourself and your life? What vision/ version of you  are you growing into?  

This New Moon is a new beginning on our path of holding the high vision for our lives, allowing blessings to change our perspective of who we are and what we believe is possible for ourselves, and working the practical steps to make it real.  This is true transformation!


Sening soooooooo much Love your way!!!!



Check out upcoming dates, and the chart below.

6/2 - Jupiter trine Pluto 2:13pm

6/2 - Mercury enters Gemini 9:37 pm 

6/6 - New Moon in Gemini 2:38am 16°18’

6/8 - Mars enters Taurus 6:35 pm

6/16 - Venus enters Cancer 8:20 pm

6/16 - Mercury enters Cancer 11:07pm

6/20- Summer Solstice Sun enters Cancer 10:51 am

6/21 Full Moon in Capricorn 3:08pm 1°7’

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