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Musings On... the New Moon in Libra

Saturday, October 14, 2023 7:56 AM Hawaii Time

Within days of Pluto’s station direct in Capricorn, squaring the Moon’s nodes, we have a New Moon in Libra with a South Node Solar Eclipse. (It’s fun to write all of that for those of you who study Astrology. If you’re not one of those folks, thanks for bearing with me… cuz next, we’ll break it down ; )

New Moons are new beginnings… a moment of reset, if you will. This one

happens to be paired with a south node eclipse, symbolizing endings, and release.

In Libra, what is being “reset” with the New Moon is our balance, our equilibrium. In Libra we do that by focusing on what is beautiful. Nature comes quickly to mind, but so do the myriad of fabulous, creative expressions of humankind (think art), and anything that brings peace to the senses.

Relationships are another big Libran theme… the playground in which we strive to find equilibrium between two people through connection. Relationship is a territory brimming with opportunity for soul growth!

With a South Node Solar eclipse in Libra, we’re looking at our relationship karma, and what needs to be released. Mercury here points specifically to communication dynamics, and the way we perceive things. Our personal histories speak of ways we’ve been eclipsed in relationships. Where have we sacrificed honesty, directness, assertiveness, and truth for the sake of politeness, peace, and diplomacy? What has this cost us?

Venus rules this New Moon, and is the current ruler of the South Node. Her position in Virgo gives us some clues as to the types of relationships/relationship dynamics we’re releasing. The shadow side of Virgo is criticism, judgment, and a sense of martyrdom through endless service. During this time we may be reminded of voices from our past that judged us harshly; voices we may have internalized as our own. We may be reminded of ways in which we carried burdens that were not ours to carry, for the sake of those we loved, and the wounds we incurred in the process. These are inequalities in relationships.

Perhaps we’re looking at our relationship with ourselves, or our relationship with the world at large. Maybe we’re unraveling the projections we’ve placed on the world, and the opinions we assume others have of us… real or not. How about our self-confidence?

Whatever your personal story, this feels like an opportunity to, like a snake, shed an old skin, or an old version of ourselves, in order to grow more into our true selves.

The New Moon in Libra serves as an opportunity to reset the balance. How? We look to the North Node of the Moon. In Aries honesty, directness, assertiveness, and truth are priorities, as well as the sheer courage that must be cultivated to manifest these qualities. It’s about defending what is important; such as our right to equality within our relationships, such as a balanced life that accounts for and prioritizes our personal needs, such as the truthful expression of who we fully are.

With Chiron, the wounded healer also in Aries, and Pluto squaring the nodes, the wounded parts of our past serve as beacons showing us the way forward. Sometimes the way forward means revisiting the past. So Mars, North Node ruler, is currently with the South Node. We look back to learn the way forward. Mars just entered Scorpio, where it will stoke our fire to relentlessly seek the truth. We look beneath the surface, and behind the curtain, to see what is not shown, and to hear what isn’t said. Mars in Scorpio may need to be reminded that directness and honesty can coexist with kindness, when Love is our foundation.

With deep seeing, we can become aware of habitual patterning that has been our “normal”, and we can send it to the compost pile. This is a time for endings so that new life can emerge.

Happy New Moon in Libra! Wishing us all TRUE PEACE, and TRUE BALANCE, which comes from TRUTH.

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