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Musings On... the New Moon in Pisces

Saturday, March 9, 2024. 11:00pm Hawaii Time

Pisces is the Dreamer, the Poet, the Mystic. In Pisces we feel our way through life. We feel our connection to the Divine, to the spiritual world, and to our inner creative life. This is the realm of imagination. Pisces is represented by the fish that swim in the great Ocean, the source of all life. We go to the Ocean to cleanse, to release, and to commune with forces greater than ourselves. We also seek the sea for times of relaxation. It's in this state of bliss, and joy, that we are open and receptive to Divine messages, and our own wisdom.

Pisces motivates us to occupy the part of ourselves that operates less on rationalism, and more on our intuitive knowing.

With a New Moon here, we are offered a time for rest and renewal. Being the last sign of the zodiac, there may be a theme of sweet endings that make way for new beginnings. There may be a sense of surrender, and of letting go. It's a beautiful time to be fully absorbed in the present moment, and just be. In the misty realms of Pisces, the new path forward may not be entirely clear as of yet. Don't fret. Rest, dream, sleep, create, intuit, and trust.

The New Moon is conjunct the planet Neptune, Roman god of the sea, and ambassador of Pisces. Neptune represents our creative mind, our awareness of the spiritual realm, and our ability to access altered states of consciousness. We can access this part of ourselves in different ways. For example, we can go meditate on a mountaintop, or we can drink a six pack... either way, we can experience altered states of consciousness!  Pisces pitfalls look like losing ourselves in ungrounded illusions, and succumbing to escapist behavior. When life becomes intense it's easy to reach for excessive indulgence in distractions that cloud our vision.

Saturn conjunct the Moon encourages us to apply the discipline and effort needed to make a practice of our spirituality, and our creativity. Saturn's reality checks can support us in staying grounded. This is a fabulous time to revamp our daily meditation/yoga/walk/nature time/crafting time... Whatever assists us in strengthening the energy of Pisces in our lives, this is a time to commit to it, and make it real.

Come Full Moon time, we'll be entering eclipse season. These are often times of definitive endings and new beginnings. Cheers to new chapters! Deepening our spiritual practice now can provide an anchor as we navigate the path forward.

Much Love! Happy New Moon in Pisces.

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