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Musings On...the New Moon in Pisces 2023

Sunday, February 19, 2023. 9:06pm Hawaii Time

Powerful and paradoxical, the New Moon in Pisces asks us to make sense of the union between divergent themes, and to allow space for healing, transformation, and new beginnings.

Pisces - the Dreamer, the Poet, the Mystic. These archetypes reflect the mutable quality of this water sign. With creativity as its modus operandi, Pisces motivates us to inhabit the part of our mind that is non-linear, irrational, and highly imaginative. It brings us into union with the compassionate Great Mother, the Ocean, the Numinous, and the Source of Creation. Boundaries dissolve as we float in these vast waters.

I like to say we can do Pisces one of two ways… we can meditate, or we can get drunk… either way, we’re operating from that place in our psyche that has the capacity to abandon logic and reason for altered states of consciousness. How we feed this energy is up to us. We can engage in our imaginative, creative, and spiritual practices, or we can avoid, numb out, or distract ourselves from what is important. These are the two sides of Pisces.

Saddled up so close to this lunation is the planet Saturn, in Aquarius. Saturn’s energy couldn’t be more different! Saturn is the planet of reality checks, authority, law, structure, and discipline. It is the part of us that works hard to manifest long term goals, and master challenges in order to grow. In Aquarius, it asks us to tap into our unique truth in order that we can stand for something, and offer our gifts to the greater collective. Boundaries are necessary in order to do this work. Groundedness, practicality, and daily rhythms are supported here.

This combination warns us that if we get stuck with our head in the clouds (Pisces) we’re likely to stub a toe while walking forward (Saturn). Saturn will get our attention and bring us back to Earth. So how to synthesize these energies? Can we make a daily practice (Saturn) of our creative spirituality? (Pisces) Can we recognize that intuitive living, and a higher perspective doesn’t require perfection, but it does require discipline, and daily practice? This time is ripe for planting dream seeds for the future (New Moon in Pisces) and watering them with our daily commitment to growth through discipline (Saturn).

Neptune, ruler of Pisces, is conjunct Venus, encouraging us through beauty and creativity. This duo also inspires compassionate (Neptune) interaction in relationships (Venus). Sextile Pluto, relationship dynamics are triggering chronic, core wounds that are bubbling up to the surface because they are ready to heal, and be washed away.

Jupiter, co-ruler of Pisces, conjuncts Chiron, the Wounded Healer, in Aries. Core wounds of fear and anger (Aires territory) may be magnified (Jupiter) at this time. Again, know that this is occurring so that we can recognize these wounds for what they are, and so that they can be healed, and washed away by Love.

Mercury in Aquarius and Mars in Gemini trine one another and sextile Jupiter and Chiron. When we wield compassion, honesty, and the courage to hold our own boundaries while speaking truth to ourselves and others, we can directly address painful situations in order for these core wounds to heal. It requires courage , presence, honesty, and invokes the power of Love.

Pisces season is an excellent time to slow down, create space for the imagination to flourish, pay attention to dreams, visit the waters of nature, drink plenty of water, and sleep! We can honor Saturn by committing time daily to the nourishment of our highest selves, honoring what is true for us, and remaining alert to the deeper learning opportunities that are available now when we're committed to hard work.

Wishing you all the best. Happy New Moon in Pisces!

I couldn't imagine a better theme song than this! Click the link below to enjoy : )


Sun enters Pisces 2-18 at 12:34pm

New Moon in Pisces 2-19 9:06 pm 1°22’

Venus enters Aries 2-19 at 9:56pm

Mercury enters Pisces 3-2 at 12:52 pm

Full Moon in Virgo 3-7 at 2:40 am 16°40’

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