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Musings On... the New Moon in Sagittarius

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Wednesday, November 23, 12:57 pm Hawaii Time

Monday, Nov 21, 12:55 pm. Mercury conjunct Venus in Sagittarius

Monday, Nov. 21, 10:20 pm. Sun ingress into Sagittarius

Wednesday, Nov 23, 12:57 pm New Moon in Sagittarius

Wednesday, Nov 23, 1:02 pm Jupiter stations direct in Pisces

Saturday, Dec 3, 2:14 pm Neptune stations direct in Pisces

It’s been raining for a week, everything is sopping wet, the sky has been grey and bleary for what feels like a year. You’ve finished your last sip of motivational tea… when suddenly, a feeling of warmth and joy rise up from your core, spreads through your limbs, and fills you. You look up, the Sun is out! Who wouldn’t rush outside in that moment, close their eyes and lift their face to feel the warmth of the Sun?! Who wouldn’t start dancing!? That feeling of openness, expansion, vitality, and freedom, and release are the gifts a Sun in Sagittarius brings.

We’ve been in Scorpionic times, we’ve just been through a set of eclipses, we’ve been doing the deep work of digging for truth so that we can learn from our past and grow into our future. We’ve been “in it”. Put down the shovel, raise your gaze to the horizon, and take deep breaths of life giving air!

A new Moon in Sagittarius heralds a new beginning in which we experience the renewal of our faith in Life’s goodness. We hunger for excitement, adventure, newness, and life experience. It feels like jumping on a wild horse and riding into the sunset. Ultimate freedom. Gypsy spirit. We learn by doing. We participate in Life and then assimilate its broader meaning. Philosophy, faith (religious or non), and scholarly endeavors are also connected to this sign. Ruled by Jupiter, King of the Gods, Sagittarius wants us to experience all of the blessings life has to offer. Why? So we can expand our perspectives and take in the bigger picture.

The New Moon is joined by Venus and Mercury (which will be out of bounds... In other words “supercharged” ), ensuring that we’ll be busy making plans, connecting with Loved ones, and focusing on sharing this joy with them. Sounds like the holidays? Trine Jupiter, ruler of this Lunition, and Neptune rx in Pisces, there’s a watery, go with the flow vibe that adds the sweetness of open armed, and open hearted compassion to the mix. With both of these planets stationing, they are pulling focus.

Is there a downside? With some planets out of bounds, and some stationing, it's as if everything is getting written in bold and underlined. Feelings of all kinds can be magnified and seem supercharged. Staying balanced, and in our bodies (most of the time 😆) is key. Sagittarian energy can make us feel invincible, and willing to take unnecessary risks. Piscean energy can get us high on life’s pleasures. These two can draw us towards excess and have us dream our way through some important lessons. It could feel a little like Dorthy in the field of poppies, or, like Mario Andretti, ready for the next 100 mph straight away. Mars retrograde in Gemini is still out of bounds, and has been stirring up our nervous systems, and having us ask some difficult questions. Under this lunation it may tempt us to blurt the first thing on our minds without enough forethought, or have us feeling adamant about proving a point. It's not stoked to be square Neptune rx either… this can blur lines, and bring confusion, and the need for boundaries.

But if we stay awake and attuned, and intentional instead of reactive, we can use this energy to increase our gratitude for blessings, and our faith in Life’s goodness. Get outside, take space, claim freedom, follow your dreams, go experience Life! Cheers!


Sagittarius season is here

I’ll be a gypsy by the sea

And wander twixt foam and dunes

While waves of Love roll through me

Inner rumbling begets expansion; forever incomplete

Thus my heart cracks open like the clay beneath my feet

So I’ll muse and I’ll wonder

As ahead salty mists rise

Inhaling the horizon

Forever enamored by the kiss of Ocean and Sky


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