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Musings On... the New Moon in Sagittarius

Tuesday, December 12, 2023. 1:32 pm Hawaii Time

Happy Winter Solstice! Happy New Year! Endings and new beginnings...

Pluto is in the final degrees of Capricorn... helping to dissolve the remnents of old structures and patterning that no longer serve our growth. And the 21st brings the year's darkest day, the Winter Solstice. Just as the New Moon is the darkest time of the month, the Winter Solstice is the darkest time of the year. Some consider it true New Year.

This is an inward time of reflection, and an opportunity to learn to see in the dark. Venus, recently conjunct the South Node in Libra, is now in Scorpio, helping us to identify old, karmic conditioning, ancestral and otherwise. Recognizing these pattenrs will allow us to make new choices. Opposite Jupiter rx in Taurus, we're being asked to tend to our resource bases... what are your foundations made of? How is your relationship with yourself? Your self-worth, self-confidence, as well as financial and material resources? Do you feel resourced? and what values (Venus) determine your most foundational resources? We need strong roots now, an anchor line, so that we can take the deep dive and do the inner work that is up for us now. Venus in Scorpio removes our rose colored glassess (I know... I really liked those too!) so that we can see things for what they are, and be more aligned with the truth.

Enter the New Moon in Sagittarius. The Archer, aimed at Truth! On a quest to discover new horizions! The objective is to experience life in order to shape our perspectives. Perspectives... beliefes... this is a powerful time to recognize the power of our BELIEFS to shape our life. It is a time of New Beginnings. Yes, a new seed is sprouting in the fertile darkness of this season. There's optimism here... a call up and outward into the world, to blossom!

Square Neptune, which has just stationed direct, there's an increase of faith that wants to flow into our lives. It may feel unclear right now as to what the future holds. There may be a bit of instability in the air... and some things are ending and the new things haven't fully arrived... I like the definition of Faith as "the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen" (Biblical)

As every good beginning is informed by an objective reveiw of the past, Merucry will be stationing retrograde with this New Moon.... in Capricorn, of course! And later Sagittarius. So let's review... what are we releasing? And what's worth preserving? When Newness and change are on the wind... we have choices to make. How will we captain our ship? Mercury will station Direct on January 1.

Ok, I wanted to keep this short... so I'm gonna stop here.

Happy New Moon in Sagittairus. May we attune our sensory awarness so that with clear vision we may gain insights that bring us back to the realization that we are one with the Divine within. May the rose colored glassess fall off gently! May the Truth be clear, and may we live accordingly and in Freedom!

Sending So much Love!!!

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