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Musings On... the New Moon in Scorpio

Sunday, November 12, 2023 11:27pm Hawaii Time

Aloha All!

This New Moon asks us to be passionately honest with ourselves, so that we can make ground-breaking, revolutionary changes at the foundational level of our lives. It challenges us to do the deep inner work necessary to become empowered, so that we can manifest our soul calling in the physical realm.

Change is inevitable, so let’s be assertive and make choices that align our lives with what is truly alive for us. That might mean admitting what isn’t stoking our fire anymore. That might mean taking a look at our karmic blind spots as they arise to get our attention and heal. That might mean facing fear, guilt, shame, or any other number of emotions that haunt us… but ultimately lead to realizations that can set us free.

This is the work of Scorpio, and the New Moon asks us to turn over a new leaf, to begin again. With Mars conjunct the New Moon it's time for bold moves, decisiveness, assertiveness, passion, and courage. “Claim your true essence.”… What does that really mean? Perhaps it means we are to claim all of us… not just the pretty parts. Rather than shunning what we don’t like about ourselves, what if we embrace the whole package? What if we move more into wholeness?

Wholeness begets strength. Can you feel it? Can you feel Mars? Fortifying the bones, and the core of who we are? Supporting us in sitting behind the steering wheel of our own lives? Two hands on the wheel please! It's time.

With the New Moon opposite Uranus in Taurus, we’re facing breakdowns, or breakthroughs. Again, change is inevitable, but how we work with it is up to us to decide. Best to proactively change the parts of ourselves that we know don’t really align with our highest good any longer. In the sign of Taurus, return to the Earth, return to the wisdom of the body, look to indigenous wisdom, engage all of the senses, listen to silence, listen within.

If Scorpio is the deep self, and Taurus represents Earth and the physical plain, may we come to realize how our inner perspectives create our outer reality. May we be emboldened to work with this knowing instinctively, so that we are empowered to co-create our lives in alignment with the Divine.

We might feel stretched, we might feel pulled out of our comfort zone a bit at this time, as we embark on new territory. Changes may be happening publicly for some, or completely internally for others… Let’s support and Love one another, and ourselves as we begin the descent downward, into our deep selves. May this Lunar month be regenerative for us all. May we release what no longer aligns with our core essence, and dare to claim personal empowerment that is born of healing work and spiritual growth. May we have the tenacity and will to manifest our passions and Divinely aligned desires into the physical world.

Mahalo Ke Akua,


Mahalo! Happy New Moon!


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