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Musings On... the New Moon in Scorpio and Partial Solar Eclipse

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Tuesday, October 25, 2022 12:49 AM Hawaii Time

The New Moon in Scorpio occurs at exactly 2 degrees, 0 minutes of Scorpio on October 25, at 12:49am Hawaii Time. Tightly conjunct Venus, this Lunition bears a focus on our intimate relationships, as well as our deeply held values that are rooted in subconscious patterning. Mercury in Libra loosely conjunct this Luntion encourages us to “talk it out” with partners and friends. Putting everything on the table and engaging in fair, equitable discussions that lean into raw, unfiltered truth (Mercury in Libra trine Mars in Gemini) helps us to identify outdated values (Venus) that need to be purged (Moon Conjunct South Node/Eclipse) from our relationships and psyches (Scorpio).

Mars may have us feeling anger, or fire on our tongues. Saturn is connected to Mercury and Mars in a harmonious grand trine. Saturn also squares Uranus and the Nodes of the Moon during this lunition/eclipse. Saturn as Teacher asks us to step up, and step into the freedom to be our highest ideal of ourselves. What kind of person do we wish to be? What does self-respect look like? It speaks of the hard work of embodying maturity, and the ideal of integrity in all of our interactions. Making this a daily meditation is a productive practice at this time.

The Saturn Uranus square supports us by challenging us to balance the old with the new. Appreciating the integrity of our tried and true relationships; the ones that honor our autonomy, and give us room to grow, is Saturn’s business. While Uranus in Taurus dares us to break foundational traditions and assumptions we may stubbornly cling to as a false means of security.

Conjunct the North Node in Taurus, Uranus teaches us to honor and nurture our primal needs, the wisdom of the body, and to seek serenity through communion with Nature. This is a key antidote for frayed nerves that may bear heavily upon our systems, while Mars in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces. Neptune conjuncts Jupiter, which may magnify not only a sense of confusion, but also a desire to distract ourselves by numbing the senses. Finding peace of mind could be challenging at this time. Nature, Nature, Nature. Eat satisfying, wholesome meals, walk barefooted on the Earth, take time to rest in silence and feel the body’s signals and wisdom.

Pluto in Capricorn, still pulling focus from its recent station direct, reminds us that true soul transformation takes grit, determination, and a long-term commitment. By this we heal, and we tap into our capacity to plug into a purpose bigger than us. The meaningful work of creating a foundation for an awakened civilization begins with healing our interconnectedness.

That brings us right back to this New Moon in Scorpio. When we are rightly aligned with ourselves, our loves, and the world, the future is bright. In order to be rightly aligned, we must face hard truths, both within ourselves and within our partnerships, we must communicate and negotiate, and together (or for our own sakes) name that which needs to be released in order for new growth to occur. This work may not be limited to present day relationships. At times Scorpio points towards ancestral patterning. We can identify and name that which needs to be released from our family lines as well. In doing so we create a greater possibility for the thriving of generations to come.

** Important Dates:

  • Saturday, Oct.22, 11:17am. A day to pay attention to. Venus steps into the heart of the Sun. This is a moment of potential for revelations regarding our partnerships. Illumination and ah-ha’s abound. A day to steep ourselves in beauty, and to celebrate the beauty in ourselves and our partnerships. Pay attention to insights into social programming, and relationship patterns that need to shift. Who are we in relationship and who do we wish to be?

  • Saturday, Oct. 22 Saturn stations Direct at 23°4’ of Aquarius. When a planet stations and changes directions it pulls extra focus. The lessons Saturn teaches us are emphasized during this entire Moon cycle, with emphasis around the New and Full Moon (partial Solar, and total Lunar eclipses respectively). Consider rereading the “Saturn as Teacher” paragraph of this post. It is extremely important. Saturn teaches us Discipline, Persistence, Hard Work, and to appreciate the Long View. Under the ringed planet’s tutelage we learn to mature, and to behave in alignment with our goals and our integrity rather than our emotions.

  • Sunday, Oct. 23 Sun moves into Scorpio at 12:36AM. . Happy Scorpio Season!

  • Sunday, Oct. 30 Mars stations retrograde at 25°36’ of Gemini. Pay attention to any conflicts that arise in relationships around this time. Circumstances may pose a question, or bring in a theme that we as individuals will contend with during Mars’ retrograde period.Stress levels may elevate. Often Mars deals with boundaries. In Gemini this may pertain to how we verbally set or defend our boundaries. But there are other ways these archetypes can manifest. Stay curious, stay open to reviewing information that arises. Be willing to listen.

  • Monday, Oct. 31 Samhain. Celtic Pagan Holy Day honoring the end of harvest, and the halfway mark between Fall Equinox and Winter Solstice. We acknowledge the darker half of the year, Death, and those abiding in the Ancestral realm.

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