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Musings On... the New Moon in Taurus 2023

Friday, May 19. 5:53 AM Hawaii Time

The New Moon in Taurus may find us shedding layers of stress we weren’t even aware of until the moment of release. For those of us still under stress it's time for a good, old fashioned shake. (Watch your canine friends to see how they literally shake off stress)

Instinct. This sign, more than any other, puts us in touch with our

inner animal, our primal urges, and the wisdom of the body. Our inner animal knows that we are all children of Gaia. Just as Earth holds innate wisdom, so too do our bodies. Learning to live accordingly is the highest aim of this fixed earth sign. It is the path to serenity. Practically speaking, this plays into our day to day lives anytime we face a decision. Not sure what to do? What does your body say about it? How does it feel? Creatively speaking, let’s not forget that Earth is sensual in nature, and that it values beauty, and comfort.

Original watercolor on Koa by Eleykaa

The sign of the Bull (read Ferdinand, the peaceful bull, not the angry one cornered by a matador) teaches us to create our ‘right environment’, and then to settle into the peace and security it provides. We do so by attending to our most basic, instinctual needs: food, water, shelter, sleep, love, care for the physical body, a steady income, and let’s not forget beauty, which has its own value. Each one of us has a personal list of what we value as necessary resources for survival, and true well-being. Taurus motivates us to cultivate and preserve these as our dearest resources. Being properly resourced builds self-assurance, so that we’re comfortable in our own skin.

Five planets, and the North Node of the Moon currently occupy the sign of Taurus! That’s a lot of energy! Let’s break it down:

New Moons are new beginnings. It’s time to plant seeds in our lives that bring us closer to the wisdom of our bodies, and deepen the wells of our most viable resources. That may look a little different for everyone, but with Taurus, simplicity always rings true! Think: ‘foundations’.

Uranus, planet of change, upheaval, breakdowns, and breakthroughs is in the mix. Uranus is a slow moving planet, so it has a long time to develop themes and help us understand its wisdom.

***sidebar*** Uranus first entered Taurus in May of 2018, retrograded back into Aries in November, and reentered Taurus to stay in March of 2019. From July to October of 2025 Uranus will briefly enter Gemini, then retrograde back into Taurus until April of 2026 to travel steadily through Gemini.

That’s most of eight years in the sign of Taurus!

The next year is a particularly focused on Taurean themes because (drumroll please…) Jupiter, popularly coined “the Great Benefic '', will be traveling through Taurus as well. Jupiter magnifies and expands whatever it touches. It offers opportunities, opens doors, and wishes to infuse us with optimism, and above all, FAITH. Fresh from the fires of Aries and into the cool earth of Taurus (as of May 16), Jupiter asks us to invest in, place faith in, and build all things Taurean in our lives. The house Taurus occupies in your birthchart reveals what area of life this is for you, and offers ideas for effective action steps. Remember Jupiter offers many opportunities. It is important to tune into the wisdom of our bodies to decipher which open doors it behooves us to walk through.

Mercury, the Messenger, recently stationed direct, after a 3 week retrograde journey through Taurus. During this time we reviewed Taurean themes in our lives. Our relationship to security, finances, resources, and the physical body were the main themes. (again, it helps to view your individual chart here) Mercury kazimi (Mercury conjunct the Sun) at the beginning of May may have brought key messages to our attention.

This Lunation cycle, initiated by the New Moon, particularly around the Full Moon on June 3rd, may bring unexpected tidings, as Mercury conjuncts Uranus on June 4.

Finally, the North Node of the Moon, (read: our collective guiding light) will retrograde out of the sign of the Bull, and into Aries in mid July. Until then build habits that … Feed. Your. Inner. Animal.

This is so key! We’ve just come out of Eclipse season. Mars, which has been sparking karmic themes around home and family, is now in the final degrees (read: extra potent) of Cancer, opposing Pluto. Any stress around home, and family, especially if it brings up themes of rejection, or feelings of being different, or “othered”, are up for resolution. The North Node in Taurus points the way.

So too does Venus, the New Moon’s ambassador, which is currently in Cancer. This is a beautiful time to open our hearts (Cancer) to our dearest ones (Venus) and allow the exchange of affection (Venus) to nurture our tender hearts. (Cancer) Where words don’t suffice, hugs may do wonders. (I think your inner animal will like it ; )

Speaking of Venus, have you seen the night sky lately??!

Wishing that we may all invest in our deepest, most precious resources, and in doing so find solace, and build our faith in the abundance of Life.

Happy New Moon in Taurus. Don't forget to stop and smell the roses!

Sending Love!

Relevant Dates:

Mercury D 5-14 5:16 pm

Jupiter enters Taurus 5-16 at 7:20 am

Jupiter square Pluto 5-17 3:11pm

New Moon in Taurus 5-19 at 5:53am 28°25’

Mars enters Leo 5-20 at 5:31 am

Sun enters Gemini 5-20 at 9:09 pm


Full Moon in Sagittarius 6-3 at 5:42 pm 13°18’

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