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Musings On... the New Moon in Taurus

Tuesday, May 7, 5:22 PM Hawaii Time

Taurus, the Bull. Not the ferocious Bull and the matador... this is Ferdinand the Bull. Tranquil, peaceful, he sits serenly on the grassy knoll. Secure in his enviorment he enjoys the feel of the breeze, the warmth of the sunshine, the sounds of bees humming and birds singing. The scent of sping flowers is pleasing, and the vision of this lovely place puts his soul at ease. He is at home wihin himself. The profound simplicity of his physical senses tell him everything he needs to know.

Silence, nature, music, all of these are sources of serenity to this sign. Security, within our envoiroment, and within ourselves is the key. Taurus is an Earth sign, and interested in the material world. It puts us in touch not only with the earth, but with our physical bodies. Its goal is to motivate us to resource ourselves, materially, and also inwardly, through an inner sense of security.

After the whirlwind and gusts of April Taurus season encourages us to c a l m d o w n , find our center, and resource ourselves. Connecting with Naure is spititual medicine now, and steadies our physical being.

This New Moon in Taurus is conjucnt Jupiter and Uranus. These two came together on April 20th to begin a new cycle with opportunites to make changes that align us with our authenticity. Whatever thesmes emerged in our lives then, its time to begin implementing now.

Merucy is in a tight conjucntion to Chiron in Aries with this new Moon. Please pay attention to the messages coming though. Listen for insights that can help bring awareness to, and heal, soul wounding. We are being shown how deep layers of our personal insecurites, rooted in the karmic past, may have been hindering our progress in ways we were unaware of until now. If we tune into the wisdom of our bodies, we'll be guided towards the remedy! Fears around our identity, self-worth, confidence, and financial security, could surface. Whatever arises, have courage, and remember that our deepest wounds hold our greatest gifts and strengths.

A dear freind and astrologer recetnly shared a lovely podcast featuring astrologer Melanie Reainheart. Melanie has worked extensively with Chiron. I'll include the link below for anyone who may be interested.

Sending Love, and Peaceful Centeredness to All.

Dates to consider:


7 - New Moon in Taurus 5:22 pm  18°2’

15 - Mercury into Taurus 7:05 am 

20 - Sun into Gemini 2:59 am 

23 - Full Moon in Sagittarius 3:53 am 2°55’ *********

23  Venus into Gemini 10:30am 

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