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Musings On...the New Moon in Virgo 2022

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Friday, August 26, at 10:17pm Hawaii Time

The Moon is New at 4°04’ of Virgo at 10:17 pm Hawaii time on August 26. ✨

There’s magic in the air! Can you feel it? As I write this, Uranus, planet of change, innovative genius, and upheaval, stationed retrograde yesterday. When planets station retrograde they “pull gravity”, or have more influence . Uranus in Taurus has us looking at our relationship to Earth, to our bodies, to our resources. Out here on an Island there is a pervading idea looming in the background of our collective consciousness, “What do we do when the boats stop coming?” Yesterday the entire Island power grid went down for a few hours. Almost unheard of… (Uranus rules electricity) Someone in Texas reported mass flooding. The Earth is speaking to us… “wake up!” Change is necessary now. Extremes point to imbalance, and remind us of what to prioritize. Taurus asks for peace, beauty, and balance to be restored in the natural world. It harkens to Indigenous Wisdom practices that place us in rhythm and sync with the season, and with our geography.

On an individual note, Uranus retrograde asks us to examine within. How are we personally relating to the wisdom of our bodies? The same wisdom that is reflected in Mother Nature. How are we relating to the land we live on, and the places in our lives… where we travel daily, and where we work? Are we grounded? Do we notice the living world around us? There is a pull to be aware, awake, and tuned in with each present moment.

These things are the antidote for our times…. But I have yet to mention the New Moon!

Happy New Moon in Virgo! We are now closer to the Fall Equinox than to the Summer Solstice, and the seed of Fall is in the air. Virgo, the analyst, the perfectionist, … the martyr? (ohh, let’s be careful with that one)

Poised and ready to give it’s all for the sake of attaining perfection, no other sign has a work ethic like this one. Also an Earth sign, Virgo’s gift (yes, gift) of detecting flaws, and its penchant for honest (sometimes brutally…) self-analysis, comes just at the right time. Our collective psyches are primed to analyze situations, and assess problems SO THAT WE CAN IMPROVE SITUATIONS. Self-criticism puts us on a hamster wheel that will only land us in insecurity. For the next Lunar month, please remember perfection is not the aim… personal and collective growth is. Improvement upon our relationship to our most foundational resources is a healthy focus now. Analyze, take stock, do inventory, make check lists, and check them off! That makes Virgo soooo happy!

Once we’ve identified problems (New Moon in Virgo) we are ready to bring in new information through connections and conversations (Mars in Gemini) to support Change (Uranus rx in Taurus) that transforms old structures and paradigms (Pluto rx in Capricorn) and restores balance to our relations. (Mercury in Libra) See the Grand trine in Earth in the chart. We're also feeling a beautiful Grand Cross in Fixed signs. Plenty of tension, plenty of opportunity for change, and resistance to it! : )

Change can only happen when we take responsibility for, and face the consequences of our choices and actions. This will empower us to become the author of our own lives (Saturn rx in Aquarius). While Venus in Leo is blossoming with inspiration to Create Beauty all over the place! Saturn rx standing in opposition reminds us that what we build must last.

So, Let’s do our Virgo. Take stock of our lives, and with loving grace, face our growth edges and imperfections, so that we can identify the places we need to grow. Then we can make changes that have a lasting effect for our lives, and for our beloved Mother Earth.

Hui up! Community is a most precious resource. Let’s share information with one another and together identify where change, healing, and growth are needed.

*little notes:

**With Sun in Virgo, Mars in Gemini, we may need to watch that our words are not too harsh or critical. Truth is good, and verbally setting boundaries is important. Ideally these are tempered with kindness. Also, its time to pay attention to the stories we tell ourselves. How might they need re-writing?

*** Books mentioned in the video:

Grandmothers Counsel the World by Carol Schaefer

Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer

Happy New Moon in Virgo!

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