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Musings On the New Moon in Virgo

Thursday, September 14, 2023 3:40pm Hawaii Time

Virgo is an Earth sign that values skills, hard work, and service. It has to do with the process of learning and perfecting things over time that can be of value to the world. Healthy Virgo channels its work ethic into a tireless striving for personal growth… always seeking to better one’s self, ultimately for the sake of service. “Work that matters” is the highest attainment of this sign. Its ability to see the difference between how things are, vs how they should/could be is a gift when honest self-assessment, combined

with compassion, is aimed at soul growth.

artwork by Malia-Rose

It's Achilles heel is that its high bar work ethic can get hung up on the attainment of perfection… an ever moving target. In that case Virgo can become its own worst critic, and suffer a crisis of self-confidence that can result in a martyrdom complex, or projecting dissatisfaction outward in a nit-picky, nagging sort of way. The antidote is massive amounts of compassion, directed both inwards towards the self, and outwards towards others.

Although demanding, Virgo rewards well, with the satisfaction that when we offer ourselves to something meaningful we become co-creators with the Divine. It often lends a helping hand in the way of mentors and teachers who cross our paths at just the right time.

We’ve been reviewing the part of our chart that holds Virgo energy for the last three weeks

while Mercury has been retrograde. We may have been reviewing what went wrong in the past… ironing out the details of failed attempts, misfires, and areas in which we feel we’ve fallen short of perfection. If this is the case its time to forgive, let go, and move on. Perhaps we’re reviving skills sets acquired once upon a time. Mercury rules the sign of Virgo, and is stationing direct the day after the New Moon. Ready or not, (and the usually over-qualified Virgo never feels it's quite ready) it's time to move forward, and do some things differently. Virgo helps us organize (another quality) for the journey.

In fact, I’ve been feeling this pull forward strongly for the last week. There is a Hawiian phrase that feels relevant here: “Holo Imua” - “to move forward with purpose, or with high intention”.

Neptune rx opposing this New Moon challenges us to see from a bird’s eye perspective… higher vision. From here we can hold space for the highest possible outcome even amidst circumstances that we cannot control. Neptune inspires us to infuse our work with creative inspiration… and its mutability is asking us to allow flexibility for change. Much is changing. The New Moon rests in a grand Earth trine with Pluto (rx in Capricorn) and Uranus and Jupiter both rx in Taurus. Unexpected circumstances may continue to compel us to let go of the past in order to move forward. The trine indicates grace for the process. If this is the case, we can trust in the great cycle of the Universe to bring new Life.

Wishing you all the best and a Happy New Moon in Virgo!

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