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Musings On... the Full Moon in Gemini

Wednesday, December 7, 2022 6:08pm Hawaii Time

The Full Moon in Gemini is conjunct Mars Retrograde. Both of these planets, as well as Venus, and Mercury, this Moon’s ruler, are out of bounds. Wild, untamed energy out there! But what does Mars retrograde in Gemini want? How does it influence this time? The Moon is shedding light on our need to dig deeply into our processing patterns, perceptions, and communications, to uncover the truth of belief systems we identify with, that no longer serve us.

This could look like a crisis of faith. This could look like reconfiguring what we believe to be true of ourselves, this could be reinvigorating our faith in ourselves, and in life, by asking some difficult questions, or making some tough choices.

This astrology is not for the bashful or faint of heart.

Square to Neptune in Pisces, illusions and blurry lines can confuse our processes. The higher expression is to remember that we are always connected to Source, and let our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and actions spring from that knowledge.

Saturn in Aquarius trines Mars rx and the Moon, and sextles the Sun. A wise friend told me that it's not about the choices we make, so much as how we are in relationship to our lives. Who do we want to be when we are standing in our highest integrity and soul purpose? What does that look like, feel like, and act like? We stand in our sovereignty and we choose who we are.

Powerful stuff!

Mercury, ruler of this lunation, is in the first degree of Capricorn, conjunct Venus and Square Jupiter in Pisces. At the end of the month it will station retrograde, and assist us in reviewing all of this, but for right now, it's up for the challenge, asking us to take in a higher perspective.

At this time it's wise to be cautious of of a few things: erratic emotions, especially anger, that wants to be expressed without forethought. Adventure is good for the soul. Impetuous behavior is not necessarily so. Finding balance can be tricky now. This can be an uncomfortable time for the body as we experience internal shifts in our way of being. Nurturing the nervous system is paramount! Kava, lavender, or adrenal support tea blends are some of my personal “go-to’s” that I enjoy.

Sending so much Love. Happy Full Moon! Happy almost Solstice! ; )


Venus enters Capricorn Dec. 9

Jupiter enters Aries Dec. 20

Sun enters Capricorn on Dec. 21. Winter Solstice

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