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Musings On... The Full Moon in Gemini

Sunday, Nov. 26, 2023. 11:16PM HI Time

Out on the water, aboard a wind-powered vessel, I had a realization. The experience was wild and thrilling when the wind would blow! Between gusts, bobbing around in the sea, there were periods of waiting. In the stillness, and silence, out in the deep blue I heard my thoughts. I realized how much of my time is spent wishing for something outside of the present moment. In this case, wishing the wind would be stronger, gentler, blow in this direction, or that… I wondered what would happen if instead, I just accepted the present moment as it was, and stopped wishing for something different. There was a release that came with acceptance of circumstances outside of my control. There was grace in the moment.

The New Moon in Scorpio two weeks ago was intense. It took us deep, into the dark recesses of internal caves and caverns. It insisted that we see, and feel, the muck and yuck of places we’ve been stuck… of ancestral patterning, and other habits that no longer serve our highest good. The work was deep. It was serious.

But after darkness comes light, after Water comes Fire, after Scorpio comes Sagittarius. The Sun, and Mars, have just interred this sign, and it's as if we’re coming up for air. Freedom! Light! Wide open spaces! Adventure! Fun!!!! It's time for some.

This Full Moon in Gemini is the culmination of the New Moon in Scorpio two weeks ago. It reflects back to us the way we perceive Life… . We see how the deep, Scorpionic psychological underpinnings of our minds form our perception of the world. We ask questions, we ponder, we communicate with other people to learn more, and we process. This Full Moon assists us in processing some of the deeper material we’ve been sifting through. The process may leave us with more questions than answers… probably a sign we’re on the right track. Gemini recruits our keen senses for the cause. How do we take in the world around us?

Square to Saturn in Pisces there’s a reality check that comes with this Full Moon. There are circumstances that we cannot control. Neither the force of willpower (Mars in Sagittarius) , nor rationalization (Moon in Gemini) overcome the Saturnian reality that some things are out of our hands. Back to the gist of my story…. This time is calling us to enter the present moment with presence, and with the willingness to accept perceived imperfections, releasing our attempts to fix, manipulate, or control. Rather be with what is, listen, digest it, learn, and grow.

It’s worth mentioning that Venus, current ruler of the South Node, is conjunct the South Node in Libra with this Full Moon. We’re going to get a little help seeing our karmic patterning. Other folks may enter our lives to highlight the places we’ve fallen out of balance.

Which brings me back to Mars, North Node ruler… Mars is conjunct the Sun in Sagittarius. It’s time to seek, explore, and boldly quest for truth! For the answers to all of our deep questions. I think the lesson here is to go for it! And when things don’t go as planned… be with that, accept rather than trying to fix… learn, and grow!

Sending so much Love and Happy Full Moon in Gemini to you All!!

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