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Musings On... the Full Moon in Libra

April 16, 2022 8:55 AM Hawaii Time

In this video I take a detailed look at the element of RELATIONSHIP that's being highlighted with this Full Moon. PASSION! is a great theme word right now as we see the archetypes of The Lover and The Warrior merging with one another, and we consider the balance of Yin and Yang. I've included Gustav Klimt's The Kiss as a tribute.

But I also want to point out another facet to consider... There's something here about making peace with the past, and having courage for the future. If dynamics of your past are coming up for review, perhaps they're being highlighted in the light of the Moon to point out old ways of thinking that need to change. Mercury is conjunct Uranus with this Lunition. That's a whole kettle of fish! (and maybe why my computer mic needs fixing! hehe...). But it very much has to do with changing the ingrained patterns of thought that have colored our perspectives. When we change our thinking we can change our story going forward. There's so much creative power in our thoughts!

Please click the YouTube link below to watch a video on the Full Moon, and scroll down for the chart. Cheers to this Libran Full Moon! May the Goddess of Love and Beauty grace us with peace, and surround us in loveliness!

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