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Musings On... the New Moon in Gemini

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

May 30, 1:30 AM Hawaii Time

Ideas, communication, information, teaching, learning… These are all Giminian themes. With a New Moon, put the word “new” in front of all of those terms, and you’re on the right track. It’s time for a reset of our ideas, and more deeply, our perceptions.

With the New Moon in Gemini, exact at 1:30 AM Hawaii Time, on Monday, May 30, we may see the pace of life speeding up. Gemini likes to keep moving and grooving. Like a dragonfly that doesn’t rest in one place for very long, it flitters and shimmies about, always looking for a new perspective. But Mercury is still retrograde, so “hurry up and wait” is a theme applicable here.

Mercury, ruler of this lunation, has backpedaled into the domain of The Bull, where the pace of nature presides. Never in a hurry but always on time, in the land of Taurus we wet our finger and put it to the wind, we sit still long enough to notice the clouds move, and we deepen our breath until we know that the wind in the trees and the wind in our lungs is the same. Instincts, the natural world, where we draw resources, security, peace. These are Taurean themes. “Resources” include food, shelter, work, money, elements of the material world… and more deeply, our sense of security within ourselves. Our self-confidence.

Mercury, once wide eyed and bushy tailed in Gemini, has retrograded back into Earth, to review foundations. From where do we draw security? How do we perceive ourselves, and how does that impact the way we interact with people around us? We all have ideas about the way we want to move and be in the world, but right now, Life is showing us, through our sore spots and triggers, where we need to adjust perspective in order to implement our grand plans for the future. What, in our resource base, needs adjusting in order to support our big ideas?

I have a feeling more than a few of us are ready to tell a new story about ourselves, but first we need to feel its truth in our bones.

So inwardly this can be a time of rearranging, of subtle shifts in perspective that make all the difference, and put us on more solid ground. Cheers to that!

Happy New Moon in Gemini!

The Two weeks ahead:

At the time of the New Moon, Mercury, ruler of this lunation, is in the final degree of it's retrograde. (To clarify, at the time I made the video, it wasn't Here it will station, and move direct again at 10:00pm on June 2. It will ingress into Gemini at 5:27am on June 13. ( On June 19, the Messenger will officially clear its shadow, and be zooming into new territory!)

On June 4 at 11:47am, Saturn stations retrograde, coloring Mercury’s new forward journey with themes of duties, responsibilities, and work. How can we apply lessons learned during Merucy’s retrograde as meaningful service? We’ll have to think outside of the box here, and be certain that the effort we put in benefits ourselves as well as those who receive from us.

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