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Musings On... the New Moon in Gemini

Saturday, June 17, 2023 6:37pm HI time

Astrology is the living, breathing intelligence of the Cosmos, and it interacts with our daily lives. Rather than an abstract concept, or simply a set of archetypal symbols, it is the same life force that moves the air around us, wafting the aroma of summer blossoms into our senses. It alerts us to the sounds of nature, and the hum of existence as we go about our days. I want us to awaken to the way astrology interacts with our daily lives. Simply following the daily patterns of the Moon, and our moods, is a fantastic way to gain this awareness.

And speaking of awareness…. Gemini is the sign attuned to our perceptions, awareness, and cognition. It has to do with the way we take in and process information, as well as communicate what we think and know. It’s natural hunger for knowledge drives us to learn, absorb really, all of the information we can through our senses and through our mind.

The New Moon in Gemini gives us a glorious opportunity to set an intention to pay attention to our attention. : ) In other words, this is a potent time to become aware of our thoughts, what we’re choosing to dwell on, and the stories we tell ourselves when we wake up in the morning. Ideally, sans judgment and shaming, we can hold space for curious observation, and a willingness to shift when it’s warranted.

It’s also an opportunity to tune into the supernatural around us. We can exercise our spiritual senses as well. In a tight square to Neptune in Pisces, the Numinous may whisper in our ear, or send ho’ailona - signs and messages, to offer new information and support our spiritual awareness. Side note: While Neptune can open our spiritual eyes, it may also blur and confuse common communication. Taking a little extra time for clarity in conversation is wise now.

How does all this fit into the bigger picture?

Seasonally, we are approaching the Summer Solstice, on June 21. The days are long, and filled with light. (ample illumination, knowledge) On the day of this New Moon, Saturn, the Cosmic taskmaster, goes on hiatus until the beginning of November. As it retrogrades it makes a lovely square to Mercury, ruler of this lunation. Lest we become lackadaisical, Saturn’s objective is to review the Piscean waters we’ve been treading since mid-March. It’s time to review our spiritual and creative practices, and take stock of the practical impact they have on our daily lives. How are we allowing our perceptions, thoughts, and communication to be improved through our spiritual and creative practices?

With Mercury also in a tight sextile to Venus in Leo, we’re also encouraged to bring attention to the quality of communication present within our partnerships. Are we courageous enough to get vulnerable? To express ourselves sincerely and authentically? Are we listening? Are we aligning ourselves with those who can receive us with grace?

During the last full Moon Venus was in opposition to Pluto, offering us a look at relationship wounds, as well as a deeper attunement to what intimacy means to us personally. With this New Moon, we zoom in on communication within our relationships. My sense is that all of this is preparing us for Venus’s 40(ish) day retrograde period beginning July 23rd. Two days after the New Moon Venus enters the pre-retrograde shadow. In other words, the planet of relationships and personal values enters territory that will be reexamined during the retrograde time. We’ll have time to talk about this more in days to come, but just tuck it into your back pocket for now…

And finally… Pluto rx, having just returned to Capricorn, is still in a square to the nodes of the Moon. While it will remain in Capricorn through the year’s end, the tight square to the Moon’s nodes wanes as August ends. My personal take? This summer’s astrology apply’s pressure, and bears the sensation of wrapping up/healing karma around outdated structures within the scaffolding of our souls that simply must be released. It’s like outgrowing a pair of shoes, and just as uncomfortable. It may take the form of external authorities, or situations out of our control… forces that seem bigger than us, that expose our growth edges. We might hear ourselves say, "I thought I was done with that!?" How do we remain in our personal integrity as we heal and move forward? The North Node in Taurus reminds us to tune into our body’s wisdom as it guides us towards peace.

So with the New Moon in Gemini, as we intentionally attune our focus, let's tune into the wisdom within our bones, as well as the wisdom of the heavens… and listen!

Happy New Moon!


Saturn Rx 6/17 at 7:27 am

New Moon in Gemini 6-17 at 6:37 pm 26°43’

Jupiter sextile Saturn 6-19 at 5:53 am

Summer Solstice: Sun enters Cancer 6-21 at 4:58am

Mercury enters Cancer 6-26 at 2:24 pm

Neptune Rx 6-30 at 11:06 am

Full Moon in Capricorn 7/3 at 1:39 am 11°19’

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