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Musings On... the New Moon In Leo

July 28, 2022 7:55am Hawaii Time

About August

Focusing on rhythms for a moment, we recognize the cycle of a day, and of a year; one being a rotation of the Earth around its axis, and the other a rotation of the Earth around the Sun. We could frame this as a microcosmic and macrocosmic relationship. Within each day there is a time fondly coined “the golden hour”. The term itself evokes a feeling. Artists such as painters, photographers, poets, storytellers, and songbirds cherish this period; a magical moment before the day’s end. In reverence we pause to honor the day with reflection. It is a time of transition. A time to sit back and sigh, to pause, rest, and take in beauty. As the Sun lowers on the horizon, and the Earth is basked in golden light, there is a dreamy quality to all of nature.

August is the year’s golden hour. It is in the month of August when we finally begin to feel fulfilled by the activity of summer, and we can sit back for a moment, and allow this restful, energized state to fully soak into our soul, and bones. In reverence we pause, to celebrate the abundance of the season. As fruit ripens, so too does gratitude ripen in our hearts. This is the moment of shavasana that allows a productive yoga practice to fully settle into our being before resuming activity. It is the glowing embers of a once roaring campfire, that inspire enchanted stories and bring a feeling of contentment. It is the dreamtime that allows us to deepen and integrate our understanding of knowledge acquired throughout the day. It offers a sense of completion, and allows us to integrate our outward energy into a healthy transition to Fall activities.

August is Nature’s love letter to the Soul.



Now... about this New Moon! Leo creates! Plays! It lives in the moment. It cultivates joy. Mercury is here with the New Moon, opposed by Saturn. Saturn works. Saturn develops maturity, and self respect through facing challenges and persisting over time, so that we learn to have what it takes. It is the ultimate manifester. We need creativity. We also need the willpower to channel that creative energy into physical manifestation. The integration of these two wants to happen so that we can fully live into the North Node's lesson at this time. KNOW THYSELF. Not by looking for external validation, but with the instinctual knowing that grows within our own soul.

With Mars and Uranus coming together no the North Node, the time is right for a breakthrough... a break with the past. Just look before leaping, and pick and choose battles wisely. Tune in to the untamed, instinctual soul, which is housed within the wisdom of the body. Our bodies are attuned to Mother Earth, and have so much to teach us now.

Please enjoy the video. The chart is below. Oh, and photo credit to Mother Nature, who's plumerias even smell pink!!! Happy New Moon in Leo!

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