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Musings On... the New Moon in Leo

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Tuesday, August 15, 11:38 pm Hawaii time

When the world feels like one giant broken heart, when our foundations shake, we can remember Inanna’s story, and learn the gift of letting go.

Sumerian Goddess Inanna (Venus), released her mortality to heed the call of the Underworld. Upon entering the darkness she was stripped of her crown, her jewels, and her clothing. She approached the Queen of the Underworld, powerless and vulnerable. In that state she was killed. You can read the story of Inanna’s descent here. .listening-dark-descent-inanna ( It includes some of the author’s challenging personal story, but I like the way she relays the myth)

Venus, retrograde for 40 days, has just passed through the heart of the Sun… she has just become completely invisible. To the Ancients she was dead. But the Ancients knew, by observing Nature over time, that all death brings about new life. They knew Venus would rise again, as a morning star. They knew that until we encounter our own mortality, and our own darkness, we cannot be whole.

Inanna let go.

This New Moon in Leo is conjunct Venus. It portends a new beginning for all things Leonine… it relates to the heart. It offers a new beginning for our creative wellsprings of life that rise from deep within. It offers an opportunity for us to begin living again… to live authentically, and living according to our most deeply held values. It helps us know how we want to be in relationship to life, and to those in our lives. We realize what is most important, and we live accordingly.

Square Uranus in Taurus this new life within may come about through a shaking of our foundations, or though turmoil. Pluto r in Capricorn is square the Moon’s nodes. There is a karmic breaking from the past here… a transformation aimed at supporting us in becoming wiser and more whole. It may appear as loss or grief, it may feel triggering, reminiscent of a painful past, but the process allows us to reclaim the parts of ourselves that were given to upholding a worn out version of who we thought we were.

Spiritual growth looks like putting in the action, and the effort to serve our highest truth. It looks like discernment, hard work, humility, and resolve. (Mars/Mercury conjunct in Virgo, opposing Neptune r in Pisces)

It's time to caretake our own health (mental, physical, spiritual), and those around us in need.

What are you releasing now so that you can rise again? What is leaving your life so that you can be made new? Where are you letting go of control and power in order to discover new life within, in order to be a wiser version of you, and in order to become whole?

Life from the heart.

Sending so much Love out to you All!

Happy New Moon in Leo.


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