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Musings On... the Full Moon in Capricorn 2024

Updated: Jun 20

Friday, June 21, 3:08pm Hawaii Time

Happy Summer Solstice! (Winter Solstice for you Southern Hemisphere folks!)   Solstice occurs when the Sun enters Cancer on June 20, at 10:51 am Hawaii Time.

The Longest day of the year means maximum light, maximum incarnation, and maximum yang energy.  Life is calling us out into the fullness of manifestation.

The following day, Friday June 21, we have a Full Moon in Capricorn.  Capricorn is depicted by the imaginary sea-goat creature that metaphorically climbs the highest heights, and swims the deepest depths.  Extreme landscapes such as these are only attainable through dedication, commitment, and intense effort.  These qualities gain us hard earned wisdom… and warm the heart of this zodiac sign.  

Full Moons are a flowering of the seed that was planted at the New Moon.

Two weeks ago, with the New Moon in Gemini we looked at expanding our consciousness, or changing our perceptions,  to make room for a vision to come through.  This Neptunian vision is the image of our highest ideals for ourselves.  What version of ourselves are we striving to grow into?

 Gemini season was petal to the metal, and all about putting our actions behind our visualizations and dreams.  As a culmination of energy, the full Moon offers us a moment to pause and celebrate how far we’ve come.  Putting one foot in front of the other will lead us to the summit, but it’s important to pause along the way to appreciate the view, and  mark our progress.  This Full Moon is such a time.  It’s a moment to rest, and celebrate. 

Mercury, Venus, and now the Sun in Cancer are turning our hearts and minds towards home and family. Sleepy Neptune in Pisces is stationing retrograde, and squares this lunation.  It may have us in a reflective mood.  We may literally need more sleep these days, and certainly more rest, to regroup after the outpouring energy of Gemini season.  This is a moment of recognition and release.  

Saturn rules this lunation, and, like Neptune, is slowing down to station retrograde in Pisces at the end of the month. (Saturn rx June 29, Neptune rx July 2)  It asks us to prioritize our creative vision, and spiritual practice.  It helps us to bring our dreams into physical manifestation by doing the practical work. If we can imagine it (Pisces) we can accomplish it (Saturn).

With both of these planets playing key roles now, and both stationing retrograde, it may signify a time to shift gears, from high speed to a sustainable cruising mode. 

Wishing for you all that the golden summer light will fill and warm your hearts, and that the Celestial Wisdom of the Capricorn Full Moon will illuminate your lives.  Happy Solstice, and Happy Full Moon in Capricorn. 



Check out these Dates, and please scoll down for the chart.


20- Summer Solstice Sun enters Cancer 10:51 am

21 Full Moon in Capricorn 3:08pm 1°7’

29- Saturn Retrograde 9:06am  19°25’ 


2 - Neptune Rx 12:41am 29°55’ Pisces

2 - Mercury enters Leo 2:50am 

5 - New Moon in Cancer 12:57pm  14°23

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