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Musings On... the Full Moon in Leo!

Updated: Jan 24

Thursday, January 25, 7:54 AM Hawaii Time

part 2

Time out!  Leo Moon calls a time out!  I love it! 


It’s been intense!  Toss your mane back and…   (see above)

How does that feel?  Ya?!!   It’s good to be alive! Leo is ready to fully live.  To let the Sun in.  We’ve been trudging through the muck…. Doing the hard work of facing the deep stuff, the hard stuff, and hopefully EMBRACING it all, rather than shoving it back under the proverbial  rug from whence it came.  Why does anything get swept under the rug? Because we don’t want to see it.  

Pluto conjunct the Sun  has asked us to fully gaze into the pain of our past, pull it close to our hearts, and embrace it.   We offer unconditional Love to the grief, the insecurity, and the fear,   so  that we may integrate these wounds  into our Souls, and be whole.  

With the Full Moon in opposition to the Sun/Pluto, we gain  some perspective on the situation. It’s time to survey all we’ve just lived through, deconstructed, and released. Now we tenderly collect any fragmented pieces remaining, and move  into wholeness, claiming  our authentic, creative, self-expression.

 To be whole means to occupy our hearts.  And that’s what Leo is all about! 

Steven Forest teaches that when we do the Plutonian work, and integrate the shadow, the energy that was once spent keeping subconscious material “under the rug” is freed up. In this healed state we’re able to reclaim that energy for ourselves, and direct it as we please.  This is so powerful!  

The full Moon in Leo invites us to be genuine.  Like a child, Leo lives in the present, and  knows how to play. It’s been so deep.  So serious.  But when we were children, we knew how to play.  Play calls upon our creative imagination.  When we occupy that part of ourselves, we are open to life. We are open to goodness.  We are open to joy. 

I don’t mean to make light of these times.  They are profound and deserve our utmost respect and attention. But when we let joy in, our hearts are open to receive, and in this receptive state, we may open to the Divine. 

This full Moon is out of bounds (super charged and full of itself!) , and the apex of a yod.  Meaning, it's the focal point of some intense astrological energy!   To access the full potential of a Yod, we must tend to the foundations.   In this case, Venus in Capricorn, and Saturn in Pisces.  Venus in Capricorn wants our lifestyle to reflect our values in real and practical ways.  Saturn in Pisces asks for dedication to our spiritual and creative practices. These keys unlock our full potential to shine in all our Leonine glory!  

*** Please watch both videos! Part 2 shares a perspective that came after this post was originally sent out. ***

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