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Musings On... the Full Moon in Taurus, and Total Lunar Eclipse

Tuesday, November 8, 1:02am HT

*correction: in the video I misspoke. The Lunar eclipse is in totality at 12:59 am , rather than beginning.

The Moon is full at 16°1’ of Taurus at 1:02 AM Hawaii time. Three minutes prior, the total Lunar eclipse is at its fullness. Eclipses bring about endings, and new beginnings. Being a North Node eclipse, themes of purpose and the future are on our minds. Uranus retrograde (rx) conjunct the Moon and North node symbolizes two kinds of breakage; “breakdowns”, and “breakthroughs”. It heralds sudden, often unexpected change, and wields chaos as a tactic to make room for new creation to flow.

Imagine earthquakes, volcanoes, lighting bolts: chaos, destruction, new growth, illumination.

This is the energy of Uranus, and it’s in the sign of Taurus, the steady, secure, placid, immovable Earth. Sudden changes in weather, and Earth events are possible, but what significance does it hold for us personally? For some, this may be a dramatic time, while others feel it internally. Grounding with silence, music, nature, creature comforts… that which soothes the nerves, is good medicine now. Some time alone is wise.

Opposite the Moon, the Sun, flanked by Mercury and Venus, is sitting with the South Node of the Moon in Scorpio. The South Node represents our past, and what no longer serves us. Scorpio is hell bent on digging up the truth, and seeing it clearly, regardless of what it looks like. So??

Time to bury the past, but first, we need to perform an autopsy. It's time to dissect the

habitual, subconscious thought patterns, relationship wounds, misguided values, and half-formed creative projects that have unknowingly embedded themselves into our psyches, and masquerade as our identity. We are the ones fooled, if we continue accepting the wounds of our past as part of who we are today. Not only are we fooled, but also crippled from moving forward.

We may encounter what we’ve hidden in the closet, or swept under the rug now. Go ahead, dare to look under the bed! That monster has been waiting for you to grow up and become brave. Saturn in Aquarius squares the Nodes, and thus, must be attended to if we wish to move from past (South Node) to purpose (North Node). Saturn asks us to view our monsters from a different lens. How have we participated in creating them? What are we responsible for? What part in the mess is ours? ((Ouch!!)). Saturn brings reality checks, challenges, and hard work, hoping that we rise up to become stronger and wiser. It asks us to build autonomy by admitting mistakes; determining not to get lost in them. It’s time to move forward… without the crutches.

Venus rules this Lunition, and the North Node now. In Scorpio, Venus looks like a black pearl, and points to our treasure. See what lies behind what you see, and hear what is not being said. Instinct is a powerful guide.

It’s needed now, with Mars rx squaring the Jupiter Neptune rx conjunction in Pisces, we may have more questions than answers, and the truth may look blurry. When that’s the case, wait, but don’t check out. Stay awake. Eclipses offer a time to sit still, observe what rises up, and decode the messages that hold insights for our growth, and the journey ahead.

Happy Full Moon!

Note: *** I’ve often noticed with eclipses that on the day of exactitude, there is stillness, as if one is standing in the eye of a storm. This isn’t a hard rule, only a suggestion to pay attention to events in the days before and after the Full Moon.

*featured artwork by Ryan Anderson

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